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ICF Inc. Methanol From Coal-Prospects and Performance as a Fuel and as a Feedstock 1980
Iglesia, Enrique Design, Synthesis, and Mechanistic Evaluation of Iron-Based Catalysis for Synthesis Gas Conversion to Fuels and Chemicals 2003 - 2006
Iglesia, Enrique Isobutanol-Methanol Mixtures from Synthesis Gas 1995 - 1998
Ilias, Shamsuddin Separation of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide Using a Novel Membrane Reactor in Advanced Fossil Energy Conversion Process 1999 - 2003
Imhausen,  Karl-Heinz Joint Australia-Federal Republic of Germany Feasibility Study on the conversion of Australian Coals Into Liquid Fuels in Australia 1982
Imhausen,  Karl-Heinz Optimizing the Combination of a Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis with Coal  Hydrogenation for the Production of Motor Fuels 1982
Institute of Gas Technology Development of IGT Hydrogasification Process 1964 - 1970
Institute of Gas Technology Preparation of a Coal Conversion Systems Technical Data Book. 1974 - 1975
Institute of Transportation Studies Transportation Energy and Environmental Policy for the 21st Century 1999
International Coal Refining Company Cold-Flow Modelling 1981 - 1984
Isakson, W. E. Sulfur Poisoning of Catalysts- A Study of Activity Decay in Methanol Synthesis and Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis 1976 - 1977
Iyagba, Elijah T. Methane Suppression in the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis- Final Report 1988


Jackson, N.B. Research Opportunities for Fischer-Tropsch Technology 1999
Jackson, N.B. Starting Material for Products Formed Over an Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst 1998
Jackson, N.B. Waste to Fuels 1992
Jacobs, Jochen Investigations of the Behavior of Fischer-Tropsch-Catalysts in Synthesis 1981
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Additives For High Temperature Liquid Lubricants, Final Report 1994
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Assessment of Advanced Coal-Gasification Processes - June 1981. 1981
Jha, Mahesh C. NA/CA Catalyzation of Illinois Coals for Gasification: Final Technical Report: September 1, 1992 through August 31, 1993 1992 - 1993
Joisten, Michael Fischer-Tropsch-Mitteldruck-Synthese im Blasensäulenreaktor an Fe- und Co-Kontakten mit Zeolithen L, Erionit und Mordenit 1991
Jothimurugesan, K Attrition Resistant Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts and Hot Gas Studies 1994 - 1999
Joyce, Patrick C. Separation of Fischer-Tropsch Wax from Catalyst Supercritical Extraction 1995 - 1998


Kang, D. Impact of Hydrodynamics on Coal Liquefaction. Final Technical Report 1983
Kant, F. H. Feasibility Study of Alternative Fuels For Automotive Transportation, Volume 1 - Executive Summary 1974
Katz, Donald L. Evaluation of Coal Conversion Processes to Provide Clean Fuels 1974
Katzman, Howard A Research and Development Program for Catalysis in Coal Conversion Processes. Final Report 1974
Katzer, James R. Auger and Reaction Studies of Poisoning by Sulfur and Regeneration of Metal Synthesis Gas Catalysts 1975 - 1976
Keener, Tim C. Production of Elemental Sulfur from Spent Sorbent and CO2: Final Report 1994
Kelkar, B.G. Reaction Kinetic and Reactor Performance in Direct Coal Liquefaction 1983
Kellner, Carl Stephen Mechanism and Kinetics of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Over Supported Ruthenium Catalysts 1981
Kellogg (M. W.) Company Coal Conversion Facilities 1991
Kellogg (M. W.) Company Development of Kellogg Coal Gasification Process 1964 - 1967
Kelm, Dr. Wilhelm Use of Novel Catalysts Founded on Basic-Fixed Hydride-Carbonyl Complexed for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis 1983
Kerr, Helen CO2 Capture Project - An Integrated, Collaborative Technology Development Project for Next Generation CO2 Separation, Capture and Geologic Sequestration 2003
King, R. B. Transition Metal Chemistry Under High Carbon Monoxide Pressure. An Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Catalysis in the Fischer-Tropsch Reaction 1979
Kirschner, Jonathan United Bioenergy Commercialization Association Assessing the Potential of Bioenergy. Final Report for the Period October 1, 1997 – September 30, 1998 1998
Klasson, K. Thomas Ozone Treatment of Soluble Organics in Produced Water: Petroleum Environmental Research Forum Project 98-04 2002
Klaus, E. E. Effect of Alternative Fuels on the Stability and Lubricity of Crankcase Lubricants 1994
Klausner, James F. Innovative Fresh Water Production Process for Fossil Fuel Plants 2002 - 2003
Klett, Michael G. The Cost of Mercury Removal in an IGCC Plant 2002
Klier, Kamil Alkali/TX(SUB 2) Catalysts For CO/H(SUB 2) Conversion To C(SUB1)-C(SUB4) Alcohols. Technical Progress Report, September-November 1990. 1990
Klier, Kamil Catalysts High Cetane Ethers as Diesel Fuels 1998 - 2001
Klier, Kamil Ethanol Synthesis and Water Gas Shift Over Bi-functional Sulfide Catalysts Final Technical Progress Report 1995
Klier, Kamil High Octane Ethers From Synthesis Gas-Derived Alcohols. Final Technical Report. September 25, 1990-December 24, 1993 1994
Klier, Kamil Oxygenates via Synthesis Gas. Final Technical Report. January 1, 1995-September 30, 1996 1999
Knickle, Harold N. Study of Multiphase Flow Useful to Understanding Scaleup of Coal Liquefaction Reactors 1981 - 1985
Koerts, Tijis Reactivity of Surface Carbonaceous Intermediates 1992
Kokuun, R. Kinetic Investigations on Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis with Suspended Catalysts - December 17, 1985 - 1985 1985
Kölbel, H. Heat Transfer in Bubble Columns 1958
Kölbel, H. The Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis in the Liquid Phase 1979
Kopasz, J. P. Gas-to-Liquids Synthetic Fuels for Use in Fuel Cells- Reform ability, Energy Density, and Infrastructure Compatibility 1999
Korens, Nick Process Screening Analysis of Alternative Gas Treating and Sulfur Removal for Gasification 2002
Kowbel, Dr. Witold Low Cost Carbon Electrodes for Batteries and Fuel Cells: Final Report 2002
Krastman, Donald Carbon Coated (Carbonous) Catalyst in Ebullated Bed Reactor For Production of Oxygenated Chemicals from Syngas/CO2 1999 - 2002
Krishna, K.R. Isotopic Tracer Studies of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis over Ru-TiO2 Catalysts 1992
Krishnan, Gopala N. Development of Disposable Sorbents for Chloride Removal From High Temperature Coal-Derived Gases: Final Technical Report for the period from October 1993 - June 1999 1993 - 1999
Krishnan, Gopala N. Diffusion Coatings for Corrosion Resistant Components in Coal Gasification Systems 2003 - 2005
Kroeker, R. M. Hydrogenation of CO on Alumina Supported Metals: A Tunneling Spectroscopy Study 1980
Kroeker, R. M. Tunneling Spectroscopy for the Study of Adsorption and Reaction on Model Catalysts 1981
Kruger, Gerhard Herstellung Flussiger Kraftstoffe Aus Kohle 1971
Kuester, James L. Conversion of Wood Residues to Diesel Fuel 1981
Kuester, James L. Diesel Fuel From Biomass 1984
Kuo, J. C. W. Slurry Fischer-Tropsch-Mobil Two-Stage Process of Converting Syngas to High Octane Gasoline 1981 - 1983
Kuester, J. L. Conversion of Cellulosic Wastes to Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels 1986
Kwon, K.C. Hot-Gas Desulfurization Reports 1995 - 2003


Laciak, Daniel V. Advanced Membrane Devices: Interim Report for the Period October 1996 – September 1997 1996 - 1997
Laciak, Daniel V.

Development of Novel Active Transport Membrane Devices

Lampert, A. Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Hydrocarbons 1983
Langer, D. A. Step Forward in Diesel Engine Emissions Reduction: System Incorporating a Novel Low Emission Diesel Fuel & Conventional Lubricant  
Los, Alamos Publications of Los Alamos Research 1984. 1984
Latshaw, Bruce E. Dehydration of Isobutanol to Isobutene in a Slurry Reactor 1994
Lau, Francis S. Current Status of the IGT Renugas® Process 1994
Lee, Anthony L. Evaluation of Coal Conversion Catalysts 1978 - 1986
Lee, Anthony L. Evaluation of Shift Catalysts. Final Report 1980
Lee, Min-Ta Catalytic Behaviors of Fe-MN Mixed Oxides 1988
Lee, R.J. Gas-Liquid-Liquid Equilibra in Mixtures of Water, light Gases, and Hydrocarbons Final Report (9-1-87 - 11-30-90) 1991
Lee, Dr. Seong W. Innovative Instrumentation and Analysis of the Temperature Measurement for High Temperature Gasification 2002 - 2004
Leininger, Thomas F. Design, Fabrication and Bench Testing of a Texaco Infrared Ratio Pyrometer System for the Measurement of Gasifier Reaction Chamber Temperature 2003
Leith, I. R. Role of Promoters in the Hydrogenation of Carbon Monoxide over Iron-Based Catalysts 1983
Lessard, R. R. Catalytic Coal Gasification: An Emerging Technology for SNG 1981
Leva, M. Fluid Flow Through Packed and Fluidized Systems 1951
Levin, Marc Eliott Effects of Metal Promotion On The Adsorptive And Catalytic Properties Of Rhodium 1987
Lichtin, Norman N. Photoassisted Reaction of H2 with CO2 Over Solid Catalysts. Technical Report No. 1 1986
Libby, Leona Marshall ARPA Workshop on Needs of the Department of Defense for Catalysis. 1973 - 1983
Library of Congress Survey of Foreign Scientific and Technical Literature. Current Information on Lubrication and Fuel Technology - November 1, 1967. 1967

Liscinsky, David

Biomass Gasification and Power Generation Using Advanced Gas Turbine Systems 2002
Lin, J. S. Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide Membrane Separation Reports 2000 - 2003
Linden, G. Multifunctional Cobalt-Zeolite Catalysts For Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis - June 1985 1985
Lippert, T. E. Subpilot Scale Gasifier Evaluation of Ceramic Cross Flow Filter. Final Report - February 1, 1988 to December 31, 1992. 1988 - 1992
Lippert, T. E. Long-Term Durability Testing of Ceramic Cross-Flow Filter. Final Report - September 29, 1987 to December 31, 1992. 1987 - 1992
Liu, P. K. T. Water-Gas Shift Membrane Reports 1975 - 2006
Liu, Y. A. Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis from a Low H SUB 2 :CO Gas in a Dry Fluidized-Bed System. Technical Progress Report, April 1-June 30, 1983 1983
Liu, Z. Synthesis of Methanol in a Methanol-Rich Liquid Phase 1990
Lloyd, Elwood Alon Commercialization Strategy Report for Coal Liquefaction 1979
Locklin, D. W. Evaluation of Alternative Uses of Coal and Coal-Derived Fuels - Industry, Government, and Public Viewpoints 1975
Logan, Mark Andrew Catalytic and Surface Science Studies of Clean and Modified Rhodium, Molybdenum and Palladium Crystal Surfaces: Hydrogenation Of Carbon Monoxide and the Cyclotrimerization of Acetylene to Form Benzene 1985
Lom, E. J. Blending of Alcohols with Diesel Fuels 1986
Long, R. Study of Flow Patterns and Dissolution Kinetic in Bubble Columns 1997
Lou, Hean Coalescence, Breakup and Liquid Circulation in Bubble Column Reactors 1993
Louisiana State University High Efficiency Desulfurization of Synthesis Gas 2000 - 2003
Low, Gordon Gongngai  Temperature-Programmed Desorption and Reaction of CO and H2 On Alumina-Supported Ruthenium Catalyst 1978
Lund, C.R. Water-Gas Shift Kinetics over Iron Oxide Catalysts at Membrane Reactor Conditions 2000 - 2002
Lyle, Fred F. Jr. Evaluation of the Effects of Natural Gas Contaminants on Corrosion in Compressed Natural Gas Storage Systems Phase II 1989


Ma, Yi Hua Development of Hollow Fiber Catalytic Membranes 1989 - 1994
Madon, R.J. Development of Improved Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts for Production of Liquid Fuels 1977
Mahajan, D. Slurry Phase Synthesis of Oxygenates with Nanometer Particle Catalysts 1995
Mahajan, D. Particle Size Dependence in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis 1994
Mahajan, D. Development of Atom-Economical Catalytic Pathways for Conversions of Syngas to Energy Liquids 1999
Mahajan, D. Update of Low Temperature Catalyst Development 1987
Malone , Donald P. Reducing Ultra-Clean Transportation Fuel Costs with HyMelt® Hydrogen 2003 - 2004
Maneri, Charles C. Dynamics of Bubbles Rising in Finite and Infinite Media 2000
Mann, Margaret K. Technical And Economic Assessment of Producing Hydrogen by Reforming Syngas from the Battelle Indirectly Heated Biomass Gasifier 1995
Marcelin, G. Synthesis of Octane Enhancers During Slurry-Phase Fischer-Tropsch. 1992 - 1993
Maroto-Valer, Dr. Mercedes Cleanability of Enriched Fly As Carbons for Their Utilization as Feedstocks for Carbon Materials: Annual Technical Progress Report for January 2001 - April 2002 2002
Maroto-Valer, Dr. Mercedes Integrated Carbonation: A Novel Concept to Develop a CO2 Sequestration Module For Vision 21 Power Plants 2001 - 2003
Martinez-Frias, J. A Coal-Fired Power Plant with Zero Atmospheric Emissions - 2003. 2003
Martino, A. Synthesis and Characterization of Fe Colloid Catalysts in Inverse Micelle Solutions 1995
May, Russell G. New Optical Sensor Suite for Ultrahigh Temperature Fossil Fuel Applications 2003 - 2004
McAdams, H. T PCR+ In Diesel Fuels and Emissions Research 2002
McCarty, J. G. Hydrogasification of Carbon Adsorbed on Sulfur-Poisoned Dispersed Metal Catalysts Final Report - 1993 1993
McCarty, J. G. Improved Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Catalysts for Indirect Coal Liquefaction 1985 - 1989
McCormick, Bob Assessing Pollutant Emissions from Natural Gas-Derived FT-Diesel - 2002 2002
McCormick, R. L. NOx Solutions for Biodiesel: Final Report - 2003 2003
McDaniel, John Biomass Cogasification at Polk Power Station 2002
McDermott Technology, Inc. Advanced Hot Gas Filter Development. For Period September 29, 1994 – September 30, 1998. 1994 - 1998
McFarland, Cole E. Coal to Methanol Feasibility Study, Beluga Methanol Project. Final Report / Executive Review - September 1981. 1981
McGill, Ralph Advanced Petroleum-Based Fuels - Diesel Emissions Control Project (APBF-DEC) Lubricants Project, Phase 1 Summary 2004
McGuckin, John Indirect Liquefaction Processes 1982
McMichael, W. J. Synthane Gasifier Effluent Streams 1977
McNees, L.E. Recent Developments in Coal Liquefaction in the United States 1979
McNeil Technologies, Inc. Assessment of Biomass Energy Opportunities Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians. Final Report- September 30, 2005. 2005
Melay, L. N. Moessbauer Spectroscopic and Related Characterization of Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts 1981
Melson, G.A. Catalysts for the Indirect Liquefaction of Coal 1979 - 1986
Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. Field Demonstration of a Membrane Process to Recover Heavy Hydrocarbons and to Remove Water from Natural Gas - 2002 Annual Report 2002
Messerle, Louis Models for Surface Intermediates in CO Hydrogenation: Final Report  
Meyer, Howard S. Gas/Liquid Membranes For Natural Gas Upgrading 2001 - 2004
Miller, B. G. The Development of Coal-Based Technologies for Department of Defense Facilities 2004
Mills, G. Alex Advances in Fuel Chemistry 1961 1974
Mintz, M. M. Integrated Market Penetration and Anticipated Cost of Transportation Technologies (IMPACTT) Model Reports - 1994 - 1998
MIT Fluidization/Hydrodynamics Reports 1975
Mobile Research and Development Two-Stage Process for Conversion of Synthesis Gas to High Quality Transportation Fuels 1984 - 1986
Mohan, Ram S. Design and Development of Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone Compact Separators for Three-Phase Flow 1997 - 2003
Moraw, Klaus Development of Catalysts and Process for The Preparation of Long-Chain Aliphates from Synthesis Gas (in German) 1984
Morgantown Energy Technology Center Advanced Gasification Projects - Topical Report 1982
Morgantown Energy Technology Center Surface Coal Gasification – Topical Report 1983
Mori, Shuji Future Availability of Catalyst Metals for Synfuel Processes Final Report 1982
Moses, C. A. Impact Study of Synthetic and Alternative Fuel Usage in Army Aircraft Propulsion Systems 1981
Motta, Robert Alternative Fuel Transit Business 1995
Mountain Fuel Resources The Design, Construction, and Operation of a Process-Development Unit for the High-Rate Entrained-Flow Coal Gasification Process. Quarterly Technical Progress Report No. 1. April – June 1981. 1981 - 1982
Mulay, L. N. Studies on Transition Metals and "Alloy" Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts, Their Electronic and Bulk Properties, Final Report for the Period of July 1, 1982 - September 30, 1983 1983
Müller, Klaus Fischer-Tropsch-Synthase am Katalysatorsystem Mangen-Eisen bei mittleren Synthesedrücken 1985
Munack, Dr. A. Comparison of Shell Middle Distillate, Premium Diesel Fuel and Fossil Diesel Fuel with Rapeseed Oil Methyl Ester. October 01, 2004 – March 31. 2005. 2004 - 2005


Nakles, David V. Influence of Synthane Gasifier Conditions on Effluent and Product Gas Production 1975
Natesan, K. Study of Metal Dusting Phenomenon and Development of Materials Resistant to Metal Dusting 2002
National Laboratory Directors Technology Opportunities to Reduce U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1997
National Research Council Coal: Energy for the Future - May 1995. 1995
National Research Council Catalysis Looks to the Future - 1992 1992
National Research Council Refining Synthetic Liquids from Coal and Shale 1980
Naaz, Brian Model Catalytic Systems: Reactions of Small Molecules (C Sub 4H Sub 9 OH, NH Sub 3, Co, H Sub 2) on Transition Metal Surfaces 1986
Needham, J. R. Influence of Fuel Variables On The Operation of Automotive Open And Pre-Chamber Diesel and Spark Ignited Stratified Charge Engines: A Literature and Syncrude Study Covering petroleum Derived Fuels 1980
Ness, Robert O., Jr. Development of an Advanced, Continuous Mild Gasification Process for the Production of Co-Products. Quarterly Technical Progress Report, for the Period April – June 1988 1988
NETL Piñon Pine IGCC Power Project 2002
NETL Wabash River Coal Gasification Repowering Project: A DOE Assessment 2002
NETL Fuel Flexibility in Gasification - November 2001. 2001
NETL The Fuel Processing Research Facility – A Platform for the Conduct of Synthesis Gas Technology R&D - 2001 2001
NETL DOE Misc. Fact Sheets 2000 - 2002
Neufeld, Ronald D. Experimental Evaluation of Coal Conversion Solid Waste Residuals 1979
Neurock, Matthew An Ab Initio Approach Towards Engineering Fischer-Tropsch Surface Chemistry. Technical Progress Reports 2003 - 2004
Newby, R. A. Optimization of Advanced Filter Systems 1998 - 2002
Newman, Frank M. Determination of Alcohols in Engine Lubricants 1981
Nexant Task 3 Gasification Plant Cost and Performance Optimization. Final Report – May 2005.  

Niemela, Marita

Catalytic Reactions of Synthesis Gas. Part 1. Methanation and CO Hydrogenation 1992
Noble, Richard D. CO2 Separations Using Zeolite Membranes, Final Report from July 1, 1998 to June 30, 2001 1998 - 2001
Noble, Richard D. Highly Selective H2 Separation Zeolite Membranes For Coal Gasification - 2003 to 2005 2003 - 2005
Noel, Bruce W. A Development of On-Line Temperature Measurement Instrumentation for Gasification Process Control 2002
Northern Resources, Inc. Feasibility and Economic Study of Medium-BTU Coal Gas Blended with High-BTU By-product Gas as an Industrial Energy Source at Billings, Montana. Final Report - May 1981. 1981
Norton, Glen A. Development of Mercury and Hydrogen Chloride Emission Monitors for Coal Gasifiers. Final Report to the National Energy Technology Laboratory. Submitted March 9, 2001. 2001
Norton, Paul Emissions from Buses with DDC 6V92 Engines Using Synthetic Diesel Fuel 1999
Norton, Paul Emissions from Trucks using Fischer-Tropsch Diesel Fuel 1998
NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) Comparative Evaluation of the Total Fuel Cycle 1989 - 2001
NREL Diesel Emissions Control Sulfur Effects Project (DECSE) 2002
NREL Maintenance and Operation of the U.S. DOE Alternative Fuel Center 1995 -
NREL Emission Testing of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Natural Gas and Diesel Transit Buses 2005
Nylund, Nils-Olof Pathways for Natural Gas into Advanced Vehicles 2002


Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fluidization/Hydrodynamic Reports 1976 - 1999
Office of Fossil Energy Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Productions Technology 1999
Office of Science and Technology An Assessment of New Options in Energy Research and Development 1973
Office of Science and Technology Clean Fuels From Coal 1972
Office of Technology Assessment Increased Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Synthetic Fuels 1982
Office of Technology Assessment U.S. Vulnerability to an Oil Import Curtailment 1984
Ogden, Joan M. Conceptual Design of Optimized Fossil Energy Systems with Capture and Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide 2004
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O’Neal, Glenn W. Development of an Advanced, Continuous Mild Gasification Process for the Production of Co-Products 1992 - 1994
Oyevaar, M.H. Gas-Liquid Contacting at Elevated Pressures 1989


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Operated by Battelle
Recommendations for a National Catalysis Research Institute. Advanced Resources for Catalysis Science. Workshop - September 21-22, 2004. 2004
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Parsons Infrastructure and Technology Group

Hydrogen Production from Coal 1999 -2001
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Peng, Xiang-Dong

Kinetic Understanding of the Syngas-To-DME Reaction System and Its Implications to Process and Economics 2002
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Phillips, Benjamin Emery Biomass Gasification Power System 2001 - 2002
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Ritschel, Manfred

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Riza, Dr. Nabeel A. Ultra-High Temperature Sensors Based on Optical Property Modulation and Vibration-Tolerant Interferometry 2003 - 2004
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Rusinko, Frank Jr.

Create A Consortium And Develop Premium Carbon Products From Coal 2002 - 2004

Russell, Thomas W., Ph. D.

Methane Production from Carbon Oxides over Borohydride-Reduced Transition Metals 1978

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