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Water-Gas Shift Membrane Reports - 1999 to 2004

Liu, Paul K. T.

Media and Process Technology, Inc.

48603 SiC-Based Hydrogen Selective Membranes for Water-Gas-Shift Reaction - 1999 to 2003
41852 Hydrogen Production via a Commercially Ready Inorganic membrane Reactor.
40922 CO2 Selective Ceramic Membrane for Water-Gas Shift Reaction with Concomitant Recovery of CO2 - 2000 to 2005
10561-FNL Gas Separations using Ceramic Membranes. Final Project Report - January 2006.
10561_fr Final Report Incentives for Synthetic Fuels - 1975

See also,

Development of Novel Water-Gas-Shift Membrane Reactor. Final Technical Report: 10/01/2001 to 12/29/2004.