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Reaction Kinetic and Reactor Performance in Direct Coal Liquefaction - 1983

Kelkar, B.G.
Godbole, S.P.
Devine, B.
Shah, Y.T.

University of Pittsburgh

Table of Contents

Summary 88kb
A. Hydrodynamics, Mixing and Mass Transfer Characteristics in Various Sized Reactors 926kb I-5
  Introduction I-5
Coal Liquefaction Reactors I-6
Reactor Models I-9
Axial Dispersion Model for Isothermal Reactor I-10
Design Parameters Estimations for Bubble Column Slurry Reactors I-16
Recommendations for Design Parameter Estimation I-24
Other Complex Reactor Models I-28
Nomenclature I-31
References I-34
B. Kinetic Models for Coal Liquefaction 602kb I-43
  Introduction I-43
Product Characterization I-43
Mechanism of Coal Liquefaction I-46
Kinetic Models for Donor Solvent Coal Liquefaction I-47
Lumped Kinetic Models I-50
Statistical Models I-57
Nomenclature I-59
References I-61
C. Hydrogen Consumption and Thermal Behavior of Adiabatic Three Phase Reactors 668kb I-68
    Introduction I-68
Hydrogen Consumption Kinetics I-68
Thermal Behavior of Adiabatic Reactors I-72
Thermal Behavior of SRC-II Coal Liquefaction Reactor I-78
Concluding Remarks I-88
Nomenclature I-90
References I-91