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Methanol From Coal: Prospects and Performance as a Fuel and as a Feedstock - 1980

ICF Inc.

Table of Contents

Part I: 417kb
  Chapter 1: Introduction and Summary 1-1
  Product Cost Estimates 1-1
Synthetic Fuels for Automobiles 1-6
Electric Utilities 1-11
Petrochemicals 1-14
Outline of the Report 1-15
Part II: Production Costs for Methanol from Coal and for Competing Energy Technologies 560kb
  Chapter 2: Introduction to Part II 2-1
Chapter 3: Assumptions Common to All the Estimates 3-1
  Raw Cost Data 3-1
Product Cost Estimates 3-6
Synfuel Transportation 3-12
Chapter 4:  Product Cost Estimates 4-1
  Product Cost Estimates 4-1
The Effect of Changing Assumptions 4-7
Part III: Methanol as a Fuel in Automobiles 1013kb
  Chapter 5: Introduction to Part III 5-1
Chapter 6: Methanol and Gasoline:  A Comparison of Technical and Environmental Performance 6-1
  Engine and Fuel Delivery Modifications for Methanol Use 6-1
Environmental and Health Considerations 6-5
Fuel Economy and Specific Power 6-8
Chapter 7:  Cost Comparisons for Synthetic Fuels for Automobiles 7-1
  Extent of Methanol Use 7-2
Prices for Retail Services 7-10
Location 7-14
Construction 7-14
Chapter 8:  Automotive Fleets and Fuel Use 8-1
  Fleet Car Characteristics 8-2
Fleet Car Fuel Use 8-6
Part IV: Methanol as a Fuel for Electric Utilities 850kb
  Chapter 9: Introduction to Part IV 9-1
  Fuels Now Used in Utilities 9-2
Utility Technologies Suitable for Methanol Use 9-2
Chapter 10: Technical and Environmental Performance of Methanol in Electric Utility Equipment 10-1
  Performance of Methanol in Boilers 10-1
Performance of Methanol in Gas Turbines 10-5
Chapter 11: Cost Comparisons of Methanol in Utilities 11-1
  Methanol Versus Other Liquid and Gaseous Fuels 11-1
Liquid and Gas Technologies Versus Coal 11-13
Chapter 12: Market Projections for Electric Utilities 12-1
  CEUM Projections 12-1
Environmental Regulations and Methanol 12-5
Part V: Methanol as a Feedstock in the Petrochemical Industries 247kb
  Chapter 13: Introduction to Part V 13-1
  Current Production 13-1
Current Use 13-2
Current Capacity 13-3
Chapter 14: Cost Comparison of Methanol from Coal and Natural Gas 14-1
Chapter 15: Market Potential for Methanol as a Petrochemical Feedstock 15-1
  Appendix A:    Indirect Coal Liquefaction 287kb A-1
  Methanol From Coal A-1
Mobil Gasoline From Coal A-11
Methanol From Natural Gas A-14
Appendix B:    Direct Coal Liquefaction 455kb B-1
  H-Coal Process Description B-3
Exxon Donor Solvent B-5
SRC-11 Process Description B-11
Refining Needs and Product Prices B-15