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Treatment Of Heavy Oil

Patent Number: JP60044588

Publication date: 1985-03-09

Inventor(s): Itou Toshio

Applicant(s): Shinnenriyouyu Kaihatsu Gijutsu Kenkiyuu Kumiai (Res Assoc Petroleum Alternat Dev (RAPAD))

Requested Patent: JP60044588

Application Number: JP19830151634 19830822

Priority Number(s):

IPC Classification: C10G49/12

EC Classification:



PURPOSE: To carry out the partial oxidation of coke and oil existing together with a catalyst, to regenerate the catalyst simultaneously to the hydrogenation of the heavy oil, and to recover the gas rich in H2 and CO, by treating a heavy oil with hydrogen, and then treating the slurry of the catalyst particles and the heavy oil with oxygen and steam.

CONSTITUTION: Particles of catalyst (preferably a catalyst containing an alkali aluminate) are suspended in feed heavy oil, and the slurry is introduced into the suspension-type hydrogeneration reactor 1. At the same time, a hydrogen-containing gas is introduced into the reactor through its bottom to effect the hydrocraking of the oil. The gaseous product is extracted through the gas outlet 6, the slurry is separated in the zone 7 taking advantage of the specific gravity difference, the liquid product is discharge through the liquid outlet 8, and the concentrated slurry containing the catalyst is extracted through the extraction port 9. The concentrated slurry is introduced into the partial oxidation tank 2, in which the catalyst and the existing coke and oil are partially oxidized to a gas rich in H2 and CO with supplied oxygen and steam. The gas is extracted through the port 12, and the regenerated catalyst is taken out through the port 13.