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Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on
Stability and Handling of Liquid Fuels - October 1997.  Volume 2.

Edited by Harry N. Giles

U. S. Department of Energy

Part 1, Pages 479 - 574, 4.08 MB
Part 2, Pages 577 - 670, 3.57 MB
Part 3, Pages 671 - 773, 3.71 MB
Part 4, Pages 775 - 886, 5.34 MB
Part 5, Pages 887 - 989, 3.36 MB

Volume 1

Table of Contents

Volume II

Part 1, Pages 479 - 574, 4.08 MB  

Fuel Blending and Compatibility.



Dr. J. Ben-Asher, Chair

Controlling Residual Marine Fuel Composition by TGA



J. D. Bacha

Fuel Blending How to Minimize Risk of Incompatibility



R. Kassinger

A Computerized System for Prediction of Compatibility of Fuel Oils.



J. Ben-Asher*, D. Luria, G. Krenis, and G. Kirpichnikov

General -. Dr. J. D. Bacha, Chair

An Improved Fuel Filterability Test.



E. J. Beal*, J. M. Hughes, and D. R. Hardy

Rapid Detailed Chemical Analysis of Transportation Fuels by GC-Films.



R. Malhotra*, M. J. Coggiola, S. E. Young, and C. A. Spindt

Studies on the Nature of Gum Formed in Cracked Napthas.



J. M. Nagpal*, G. C. Joshi, I. D. Singh, and K. Kumar

An Expert System to Predict Fall-Outs from Crude Oil in Storage.



J. Hartman* and J. W. J. Koenig

United States Tank/EPA Regulations, Tank Inspection Methods, Tank Remediation Techniques and Strategies (Abstract).



E. J. Guthrie

Part 2, Pages 577 - 670, 3.57 MB


Tank Cleaning Strategies and Techniques


H. L. Chesneau


Middle Distillates.  Dr. A. L. Pickard, Chair

The Acid Catalysed Formation of Existant Soluble Gums and Particulate Matter in Diesel Fuels.



S. C. P. Ashton*, W. M. Thomson, and S. Dixson

The Effects of Moderate to Severe Hydrotreating on Diesel Fuel Properties and Performance.



J. B. Green, K. Q. Stirling*, D. L. Ripley, and Vanderveen

Effect of Increasingly Severe Hydrotreating on Stability-Related Properties of No. 2 Diesel Fuel.



J. A. Waynick

Part 3, Pages 671 - 773, 3.71 MB


Diesel Fuel Thermal Stability at 300F.


J. D. Bacha* and D. G. Lesnini

Thermo-Chemical and Thermal-Oxidative Stability of Diesel Fuels Containing Components of Light Catalytic Gas Oil.



Zh.D. Kalitchin*, Sl. K. Ivanov, M. I. Boneva, A. Ivanov, K. Kanariev, P. t. Georgiev, and S. K. Tanielyan

Studies on Gum Formation Tendencies of Middle Distillate Diesel Fuels.



Y. K. Sharma*, I. D. Singh, K. P. Bhatt, and K. M. Agrawal

A Bit of History The Development of Storage Stability Tests for Middle Distillate Fuels Since World War II.



E. W. White

Stability of Diesel Fuels with Improved Low Temperature Characteristics.



Sl. K. Ivanov*, Zh. D. Kalitchin, A. Ivanov, K. Kanariev, M. I. Boneva, P. T. Georgiev, and S. K. Tanielyan

Improvement in Diesel Fuel Quality Through Additives.



S. Nandi*, V. K. Sharma, R. Manoharan, P. Bhatnagar, B. R. Tyagi, S. P. Srivastava, and A. K. Bhatnager

Microbiology. Dr. K. Bosecker, Chair

Microbial Deterioration of Hydrocarbons.



K. Bosecker

Part 4, Pages 775 - 886, 5.34 MB


Ability of Fuel and Water Soluble Biocides to Prevent Microbial Succession Changes to Oxygenated Gasoline and Synthetic Tank Water Bottom Chemistry in Laboratory Microcosms (Abstract).


F. J. Passman*, B. L. McFarland, and M. J. Hillyer

A New On-Site Quantitive Test for Microorganisms in Fuel



E. C. Hill*, G. C. Hill, and D. Collins

Alternative Fuels. Dr. P. Hodl, Chair

Stability and Handling of Sasol Semi-Synthetic Jet Fuel.



P. Roets*, J. J. Botha, C. A. Moses, and L. L. Stavinoha

Evaluation of the Stability, Lubricity, and Cold Flow Properties of Biodiesel Fuel.



J. A. Waynick

Oxidation Stability of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Used as Diesel Fuel Substitute (Abstract).



P. Hodl*, M. T. Rodo-Cima, H. Schindlbauer, N. Simkovsky, and W. Tuechler

Biodiesel, An Environmental Blessing or a Biodegradation Headache for Long-Term Storage.



J. W. J. Koenig

General II. Mr. C. J. Martin , Chair

Storage Stability of Reformulated Gasolines (RFG).



L. L. Stavinoha*, M. E. Lepera, R. L. Gray, L. H. Hicks, and L. Turner

Summary Findings of the Property/Compositional Results of a Worldwide Commercial Marine Distillate Fuel Survey.



R. M. Giannini, R. Gray, L. Hicks, N. Lynn*, and R. Strucko

Part 5, Pages 887 - 989, 3.36 MB


Survey of Diesel Fuels and Aviation Kerosene's from U. S. Military Installations.


S. R. Westbrook* and M. E. LePera

Recent Development in the Production of Stable Fuel From H-Oil Process Bottoms (Abstract).



J. J. Colyer, R. O. Koseoglu*, and A. Quignard

The Elimination of Color in Kerosene Fraction Derived from Duri and Minas Crude Oil Mixture by Exposure to Light.



Adiwar*, M. Rahman, and H. P. Sihombing

Development of Field Analytical Procedures for BetzDearborn Spec-Aid 8Q462, a Jet Fuel Thermal Stability Additive.



W. L. Parker* and N. R. Calvert

Poster Presentations.  Dr. D. R. Hardy, Chair

A Comparison of Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test Visual Tube Ratings with Deposit Measurements by Ellipsometry.



K. A. Bower, P. S. Brook*, and J. O. Whitby

Development of an Ellipsometric JFTOT Tube Analyser (ETA).



P. David, R. Mogford, P. Paduschek, S. E. taylor*, and A. J. Woodward

The Autoxidation of Phenalene (Abstract).


Development of an Ellipsometric JFTOT Tube Analyzer (ETA).



P. David, R. Mogford, P. Paduschek, S. E. Taylor*, and A. J. Woodward

The Autoxidation of Phenalene (Abstract).



J. P. Guo and B. Beaver*

Flow-up Study of an Occupational Healthy Problem when handling Jet Fuel After Initiate Actions



H. Kling* and P.-A. Skoog

Microbial Succession and its Impact on Oxygenated Gasoline in Laboratory Microcosms (Abstract).



B. L. McFarland, F. J. Passman*, and M. Hillyer

A Novel Test Kit for Determination of Hydrogen Sulfide in Liquids.



R. A. Neihof* and H. N. Giles

Liquid-Phase Oxidation Kinetics for a Paraffin Blend.



J. M. Pickark* and E. G. Jones

Experiences in Use of Automatic Heavy Fuel Oil Stability Analyzer.



O. Pilvio*, L.-A. Larsson, and J. Vilhunen

Tests to Evaluate and Test Diesel and Gasoline Engine Fuel System Deposits.



L. L. Stavinoha* and P. I. Lacey

The Measurement of Antioxidant Performance in Aviation Trubine Fuel Using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance and Near Isothermal Flowing Test Rig (Abstract).



S. Zabarnick*, El G. Jones, and S. Anderson