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Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Stability
and Handling of Liquid Fuels - October 1997.  Volume 1.

Edited by Harry N. Giles

U. S. Department of Energy

Vol-1, Part 1, Pages 1 - 102, 5.20 MB
Vol-1, Part 2, Pages 103 - 200, 3.98 MB
Vol-1, Part 3, Pages 201 - 270, 4.91 MB
Vol-1, Part 4, Pages 271 - 352, 4.19 MB
Vol-1, Part 5, Pages 353 - 493, 4.95 MB
Volume 2

Table of Contents

 Vol-1, Part 1, Pages 1 - 102, 5.20 MB


Opening Address – I:     A. King


Opening Address – II:    H. U. Schellhase


Aviation Fuels – I. Dr. Cyrus P. Henry, Jr., Chair


Removal of Copper from Fuel by Immobilized Heterogeneous Chelating Agent



D. B. Puranik, Y. Guo, A. Sing, R. E. Morris, A. Huang, L. Salvucci, R. Kamin, J. Hughes, V. David, and E. L. Chang*

Effectiveness of MDA on Jet Fuel Thermal Stability as Determined Using the Gravimetric JFTOT:  Effects of Extended Duration Testing and Time of Addition of MDA.



S. G. Pande & D. R. Hardy*

Retention of Metal Deactivator Additive Performance During Storage of Aviation Turbine Fuels.



C. P. Henry, Jr.

The “Black Avtur” Incident in Northern Australia (1994/95); Report on the AMRL Investigation (1995/97).



A. J. Power*, P. M. Rawson, M. G. O’Connell, L. W. Hillen, and G. G. McVea

Jet Fuel Contamination by Diesel Fuel Dye.



K. H. Strauss

Impact of Caustic Treating on the Filterability of Jet Fuel.



L. D. Palmer*, K. M. O’Callaghan, and B. C. Springthorpe

 Vol-1, Part 2, Pages 103 - 200, 3.98 MB

Aviation Fuels – II. Dr. J. M. Bauldreay, Chair 

Measurement of Dissolved and Total Water Content in Advanced Turbine Engine Fuels with a Gas-Liquid Chromatographic OTC Technique



S. D. Anderson, A. Rubey*, and R. C. Striebich

Aviation Fuel Handling:  New Mechanistic Insight to the Effect of Surfactants on Water Coalescer Performance



V. B. Hughes

An Analytical Approach to Water Separation from Jet Fuels and Coalescer Disarming.



P. David, S. E. Taylor*, and A. J. Woodward

Stadis 450® in Aviation Fuel Applications – Updated.



C. P. Henry, Jr.

The Effect of Phenolic Impurities in Jet Fuel on the Behaviour of Conductivity Improvers.



B. Dacre and J. I. Hetherington*

Copper Contamination of Jet Fuel From Ships’ Heating Coils.



P. David*, A. Goddard, S. E. Taylor, and A. J. Woodward

Aviation Fuels – III. Dr. J. I. Hetherington, Chair 

Characterization and Quantification of Deposits from Thermally Stressed Aviation Fuels.



C. Baker, P. David, I. Love, R. Mogford, S. E. Taylor* and A. J. Woodward

 Vol-1, Part 3, Pages 201 - 270, 4.91 MB

Impact of Fuel Recirculation on Thermal Stability.



E. G. Jones*, W. K. Balster, and L. M. Balster

Comparison of the Effects of Storage Conditions, Type of Soluble Copper, and MDA on JP-5 Fuel Thermal Stability.



S. G. Pande* and D. R. Hardy

Investigation of the Effects of Time on the Physical Collection of Aviation Fuel Deposits in a Scaled Turbulent Flow System.



J. E. Colbert* and C. J. Nowack

Evaluation of JP-8+100 Fuel Compatibility with Aircraft Fuel System Materials:  The Effect of Detergent/Disperant on Aircraft Materials.



D. H. Kalt

  Vol-1, Part 4, Pages 271 - 352, 4.19 MB

JP-8+100:  The Development of High Thermal Stability Jet Fuel.



S. P. Heneghan* and W. E. Harrison, II

Additive Stability in JP8 Metal Alloy Systems at Elevated Temperatures.



M. D. Vangsness* and S. P. Heneghan

Aviation Fuels – IV. Dr. P. David, Chair


High Reynolds Number Thermal Stability (HiReTS) Rig for Realistic, Rapid Evaluation of Distillate Fuel Thermal Oxidative Stability.



J. M. Bauldreay*, R. J. Heins, G. Houlbrook, and J. Smith

Electrical Conductivity of HITTS Additive Packages for the JP8+100 Programme.



B. Dacre* and J. I. Hetherington

Testing JP-8+100 Packages in European Jet Fuels-Evaluating and Understanding Benefits and Drawbacks.



J. M. Bauldrey*, W. G. Blundell, R. J. Heins, G. Houlbrook, and J. Smith

Vol-1, Part 5, Pages 353 - 493, 4.95 MB

Experimental Evaluation of the Two-Tiered JFTOT Temperature Provision for Jet A Fuels.



C. Mosses*, S. Seto and S. Anderson

Studies of Jet Fuel Oxidation Using Oxidation Monitoring and Chemical Kinetic Modeling.



S. Zabarnick*, S. D. Whitacre, M. S. Mick, and J. S. Ervin

Numerical Simulations of Jet Fuel Oxidation and Fluid Dynamics.



J. S. Ervin* and S. Zabarnick

Long-Term and Strategic Storage.  Dr. E. David, Chair


Eighteen Years of EBV’s Handling and Quality Experience.



J. W. J. Koenig

Long-Term Storage Stabilities of Crude Oil Reserved by Japan National Oil Corporation.



T. Hara*, N. Hinata, Y. Imagawa, M. Kawai, Y. Imai, Y. Kon, and
T. Seiki

Long-Term Gasoline Storage at Geosel Manosque Slat Cavern Field



E. David* & G. Le Ricousse

Assessing the Potential for Oxidative Crude Oil Degradation During Long-Term Storage.



J. B. Green*, J. Y. Shay, K. Q. Stirling, and H. N. Giles