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1997 Diesel Engine Emissions Reduction Workshop

Table of Contents 268kb

Chairman's Overview 124kb vii
Session I - Agency Diesel Engine Emissions and Concerns 7kb
The Dieselization of America:  An Integrated Strategy for Future Transportation Fuels 611kb 1
EPA Approaches to Diesel Engine Emissions Controls 795kb 9
California 1994 State Implementation Plan for Ozone - Implementation Issues and Strategies for Reducing Emissions from Heavy Duty Vehicles 694kb 17
South Coast Air Quality Management District Alternative Fuel Heavy Duty Vehicle Projects 262kb 25
California's Unique Trucking Problems 166kb 31
Locomotive Exhaust Emissions Technology Needs - EPA Exhaust Emissions Regulatory Impacts 412kb 33
Ship Air Emissions:  Estimation and Regulation 449kb 39
Session II - Human Health Effects - Diesel Exhaust 8kb
Diesel Engine Contributions to Atmospheric Fine Particle Concentrations 453kb 45
Particulate Measurement for Health Effects Assessments - Summary of the Health Effects Institute Workshop on Particle Characterization 421kb 51
Epidemiological Evidence of Health Effects of Combustion-Source Particulate Air Pollution 856kb 61
Cancer Risk from Diesel Exhaust:  Evidence from Diesel-Exposed Workers 464kb 71
Health Support for Diesel Engine Development:  Project Description and Goals 386kb 77
Toxicology of Diesel Engine Emissions 429kb 81
EPA's Assessment of Human Health Risk from Exposure to Diesel Engine Emissions 700kb 87
Session IIIA - Aftertreatment - Non-Thermal Plasma 8kb 85
Fundamental Limits on Gas-Phase Chemical Reduction of NOx in a Plasma 438kb 85
Plasma-Assisted Heterogeneous Catalysis for NOx Reduction in Lean-Burn Engine Exhaust 600kb 101
A Thyatron-Based Pulse Generator for Fundamental Studies of NOx Removal in Non-Thermal Plasmas 496kb 109
Vehicle Exhaust Treatment Using Electrical Discharge and Materials Chemistry 695kb 115
Effect of Hydrocarbons on Plasma Treatment of NOx 391kb 123
Non-Thermal Plasma Exhaust Aftertreatment:  Are All Plasmas the Same? 611kb 129
Plasma Technology for NOx and Particulate Removal from Heavy Duty Vehicles 151kb 137
From Lab to Reality, Plasma Engineering for Pollution Control 472kb 139
Session IIIB - Aftertreatment - Non-Thermal Plasma 8kb
Efficient, Effective, Non-Thermal Plasma Aftertreatment of Diesel Nox 392kb 145
Direct Chemical Reduction of NOx in Diesel Exhaust Using Non-Thermal Plasmas and Gas Jet Injection 354kb 149
Multi-Stage Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx in Lean-Burn Engine Exhausts 288kb 153
Application of Advanced Thermoelectric Technology to the Diesel Generator 356kb 157
Advanced Turbocharger Rotor for Variable Geometry Turbocharging Systems 881kb 163
Session IV - Aftertreatment and In-Cylinder Emissions Reduction
Diesel Engines One Option to Power Future Personal Transportation Vehicles 3100kb 171
Diesel Engine Emissions Reduction History and Future Prospects 193kb 201
"Let's Correct the Image of the Diesel, and Let's get Real about the Next 20 Years" 344kb 207
Integrated Diesel Engine NOx Reduction Technology Development 586kb 215
Direct Injection Diesel Engines:  What is the Limit for NOx Reduction? 1259kb 223
Diesel Engine Emissions Challenges 322kb 237
Microwave Regenerated Particulate Trap 596kb 247
Commercial Introduction of the Advanced NOxTech System 756kb 253
Session V - Combustion, Fuel, and Air Management
Diesel Combustion and Emissions Formation Using Multiple 2-D Imaging Diagnostics 1049kb 263
Chemical-Kinetic Characterization of Model Fuels Used for Describing Combustion of Diesel 291kb 275
NOx Reduction in Diesel-Fuel Flames by Additions of Water and CO2 774kb 281
Neural Network-Based Intelligent Engine Control for Reducing NOx and PM Emissions from CIDI Engines 768kb 293
The Passive Trap, A Means for Meeting Heavy Duty Diesel Emissions Beyond 2004. (Abstract) 77kb 303
Emissions Characteristics of a Turbocharged Multi-Cylinder Miller Cycle Diesel Engine 810kb 305
Indirect Microwave Treatment of Diesel Exhaust Gases for NOx Control 402kb 319
Air Management for Diesel Engines 657kb 323
Session VIA. - Fuels and Associated Technology
A Review of Current Fuels, Fuel Chemistry, and Fuel Trends 743kb 329
Gas Turbine Low NOx Evaluation 1165kb 339
Commercialization of Heavy Duty Natural Gas Engines 715kb 351
U.S. DOE Indirect Coal Liquefaction Program:  An Overview 1228kb 359
A Study of Emission Indices with F76 and Fuel Additives 1057kb 373
Fuel Additives for In-Cylinder NOx Reduction from Diesel Engines 713kb 385
Experimental and Numerical Assessment of On-Road Diesel and Biodiesel Emissions 804kb 393
Session VIB - Advanced Technology
Details of an Interior Depositing Test for Evaluation of Diesel Quality 488kb 403
The Effects of Thermal Barrier Coatings On Diesel Engine Emissions 983kb 411
Characterization and Assessment of Diesel Engine Particulate Emission Reduction via Lube-Oil-Consumption Control 724kb 423
Modeling Pollution Formation in Diesel Engines 572kb 433
Particulate Matter Emission from On-Road Light Duty Vehicles 1080kb 449
Diesel Engines vs. Spark Ignition Gasoline Engines:  Which is Greater? 996kb 461
Registrations 444kb 473