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CO2 Selective Ceramic Membrane for Water-Gas Shift Reaction with Concomitant Recovery of CO2
Annual Report for the Period September 2000 - August 2001

Liu, Paul K.T.

Media and Process Technology, Inc.

In the pdf format this document has 45 pages and is 921kb

Table of Contents

1 Hydrotalcite (Bulk Material) Synthesis and Characterization 4
2 Hydrotalcite Crystal Size and Growth Rate 8
3 In-situ Crystallization for Hydrotalcite Membrane Synthesis 10
4 In-situ Crystallization on Inner Tubular Surface 15
5 Feasibility Study on Backpatching with the Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI) Technique 25
6 Performance Characterization of Hydrotalcite Membranes 28
7 Experimental Verification of CO2 Reversibility and Hydrothermal Stability of Hydrotalcite Material 30
8 Surface Study of CO2 Affinity vs Temperature using Hydrotalcite Bulk Materials 32
References 44