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Technology Opportunities to Reduce U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
Appendix B Technology Pathways Characterization - October 1997

National Laboratory Directors

Table of Contents 676kb


Buildings 1194kb B-1
  1.1 Equipment and Appliances B-2
1.2 Building Envelope B-4
1.3 Intelligent Building Systems B-6


Industry 1860kb B-9
  2.1 Energy Conversion and Utilization B-10
2.2 Resource Recovery and Utilization B-12
2.3 Industrial Process Efficiency B-14
2.4 Enabling Technologies B-16


Transportation 1899kb B-19
  3.1 Advanced Conventional Vehicle B-20
3.2 Freight Vehicles B-22
3.3 Hybrid, Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles B-24
3.4 Alternative Fuel Vehicles B-26
3.5 Air and High-Speed Ground Transport B-28


Agricultural and Forestry 1164kb B-31
  4.1 Conversion of Biomass to Bioproducts B-32
4.2 Advanced Agriculture Systems B-34
4.3 Plant/Crop Engineering B-36


Fossil Resource Development 2198kb B-39
  5.1 Energy Efficiency for Crude Oil Refining B-40
5.2 Natural Gas to Liquids B-42
5.3 Increased Natural Gas Production B-44
5.4 Co-Production with Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle B-46
5.5 Carbon Dioxide for Improved Oil and Gas Recovery B-48


Fossil Power Generation 1168kb B-51
  6.1 Accelerated Development of High-Efficiency Coal-Based Power Generation Technologies B-52
6.2 Low-Carbon Fuels and High-Efficiency Power Generation B-54
6.3 Ultra-High Efficiency, Zero-Carbon Emission Energyplexes B-56


Nuclear 1124kb B-59
  7.1 Lifetime Extension and Generation Optimization B-60
7.2 Next-Generation Fission Reactors B-62
7.3 Fusion Power B-64


Renewable Energy 3637kb B-67
  8.1 Biomass Electric B-68
8.2 Wind Energy B-70
8.3 Advanced Hydropower B-72
8.4 Solar Photovoltaics B-74
8.5 Geothermal Energy B-76
8.6 Solar Thermal Electric and Buildings B-78
8.7 Biomass Transportation Fuels B-80
8.8 Solar Advanced Photoconversion B-82


Carbon Sequestration and Management 2250kb B-85
  9.1 Augmented Ocean Fertilization to Promote Additional CO2 Sequestration B-86
9.2 Advanced Chemical and Biological Conversion and Sequestration B-88
9.3 Terrestrial Storage of CO2 B-90
9.4 Carbon Sequestration in Soils B-92
9.5 Elemental Carbon Sequestration B-94
9.6 Ocean Storage B-96


Crosscutting 3209kb B-99
  10.1 Fuel Cell Systems for Stationary and Transportation Applications B-100
10.2 Hydrogen B-102
10.3 Sensors and Controls B-104
10.4 Transmission and Distribution Technologies B-106
10.5 Power Electronics and Electronic Machinery B-108


Energy Storage



Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis


Acronyms and Initialisms 121kb