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Slurry Phase Iron Catalysts for Indirect Coal Liquefaction.
Final Report - 1998

Tischer, Richard E.
Datye, Abhaya K.

Federal Energy Technology Center
University of New Mexico

Table of Contents

Report 84kb

Objective 4
Executive Summary 4
  Task 1: Synthesis of Attrition Resistant Catalysts 5
Task 2: Catalyst-Binder Interactions 5
Task 3: Characterization of Working Catalysts 5
Publications 7
Appendices 9
  Appendix A:
Hien N. Phan, Alexander Viergutz, and Abhaya K. Datye, "Improving the Attrition Resistance of Slurry Phase Heterogeneous Catalysts," submitted to Powder Technology.
Appendix B:
Pham, H., Reardon, J. and Datye, A. K., "Measuring the Attrition Resistance of Fe F-T Catalysts," Powder Technology, in press.
Appendix C:
Jin, Y. and Datye, A. K., "Phase Transformations in Fe F-T Catalysts," International Congress of Electron Microscopy, Cancun 1998, vol II, page 391, Institute of Physics Publishing, 1998.
Appendix D:
Jin, Y. and Datye, A. K., "Characterization of Bubble Column Slurry Phase Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts, Natural Gas Conversion V, Std. Surf. Sci. Catal., vol 119, page 209, 1998.
Appendix E:
Mansker, L. D., Jin, Y., Bukur, D. B. and Datye, A. K., "Characterization of Fe Fischer- Tropsch Catalysts," submitted to the special issure of Applied Catalysts being edited by Prof. Hans Schulz.