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Design and Fabrication of the First Commercial-Scale Liquid Phase Methanol (LPMEOH™) Reactor Topical Report - 1998

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Table of Contents


Abstract 2
Acronyms and Definitions 4
Executive Summary 5


Introduction 6


Results and Discussion 9


Mechanical Design 9
  B.1.1 Selection of Metallurgy 9
B.1.2 Selection of Design Conditions 10
B.1.3 Selection of Reactor Dimensions 11
B.1.4 Nozzle Layout 12
B.1.5 Nuclear Density Gauge and Traverse Issues 13
B.1.6 Calculation of Heat Transfer/Steam Circulation Performance 14
B.1.7 Sparger Design 15


Fabrication 16
  B.2.1 Vendor Selection and Shop Requirements 16
B.2.2 Schedule - Proposed vs. Actual 17
B.2.3 Problems and Solutions 19
B.3 Shipment to Site 21
B.4 Installation and Passivation 22
B.5 Future Reactor Scale-up Considerations 24
  B.5.1 Shipping Constraints 24
B.5.2 Fabrication Shop Capabilities 25


Conclusions 26


References 27
Appendix A - Process Flow Diagram and Reactor General Arrangement Drawing 28
Appendix B - Photographs of Reactor Fabrication, Shipment, and Installation 29