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Technology Development for Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis 1990-1993

Davis, Burtron H.

University of Kentucky

Technology Development For Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts. Final Technical Report - 1993
Synthesis of Single Phase (alpha)-Fe, Fe (sub3) C and Fe(Sub 7)C(sub 3) Nano-Particles by Co(sub 2) laser Pyrolysis Technique. Quarterly Progress Report, January-March, 1992 - 1992
Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis- Moessbauer Studies of Pretreated Ultrafine Iron Oxide Catalysts Partial Quarterly Progress Report April-June 1992 - 1992
Iron Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis- Properties of an Ultrafine Iron Oxide Catalyst Quarterly Progress Report July-September 1992 - 1992