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Liquid Phase Fischer-Tropsch (II) Demonstration in the LaPorte Alternative Fuels Development Unit - Topical Report. Final (Volume I/II: Main Report) - 1995

Bhatt, Bharat L.

Air Products and Chemicals

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Table of Contents

Abstract 2
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Objectives 4
Engineering and Modifications 5
  New Internal Heat Exchanger for 27.10 Reactor 5
Modifications to Utility Oil System 5
Process Description 56
Catalyst-wax Separation System 6
Analytical Set-up 6
Hazards Reviews 8
Environmental Reviews 8
Reactor Temperature Stability 8
Catalyst Development 9
  Activity Tests 10
Sedimentation Tests 10
Catalyst Scale-up 11
Catalyst Activation at CAER 12
Cross-Flow Filter Test 13
Catalyst Qualification 14
Starting Slurry Medium 14
Demonstration Run Plan 14
Results and Discussion 14
  Catalyst Activation (F-T II) 15
Process Variable Study (F-T II) 16
Analytical/Autoclave Investigations 17
Catalyst Activation (F-T IIA) 17
Mass Balance 19
Alpha Estimate 19
Reactor Temperature Profile 19
Pilot Plant Results from Literature 20
Heat Transfer Coefficients Estimate 20
Conclusions and Recommendations 21
Future Plans 22
Acknowledgements 22
References 23
Appendix Volume II


Reactor Temperature Stability  


Mott Cross-flow Filter Test for F-T II


Fischer-Tropsch II Run Authorizations


Fischer-Tropsch II Run Chronology


Liquid Compositions


F-T II/IIA Demonstration Mass Balances