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Ninth Annual International Conference on Coal Gasification,
Liquefaction, and Conversion to Electricity Proceedings - 1982

Pittsburgh University

Table of Contents

Session I - Coal Utilization in the 1980's
U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation Overview 195kb
L. Axelrod
Oil Supply/Demand Pricing Trends 343kb
J. E. Barnes
Quality Coal for Electric Utility Use 489kb
G. Blackmore
Increased Opportunities for Coal in Industrial Markets 207kb
J. D. Sudbury
Session II - Existing Technologies in Coal Conversion
Irvington Generating Station Coal Conversion Project 504kb
R. A. Cochran
Conversion to Coal in Du Pont 316kb
J. D. Robnett
The Rapidly Expanding U.S. Market for Industrial Scale Fluidized Bed Combustion 399kb
M. Pell
New England Electric Coal Conversion Experience 210kb
J. F. Kaslow
Session III - Advanced Technologies in Coal Conversion
Commercialization of Coal-Water Slurries - II 487kb
J. A. Barsin
Otisca T-Process:  A New Benefication Approach for the Preparation of Coal Slurries 263kb
D. V. Keller, Jr.
Economic Potential for Cleaned Coal Water Slurries:  A Utility Perspective 245kb
J. R. Vetter
SRC-I Technology and Its Economics 418kb
J. C. Tao
J. P. Jones, III
Session IV - Signs of Real Progress in Gasification
Results of Four Years Operation of the Texaco Coal-Gasification-Plant at Oberhausen-Holten as Developed by Ruhrkohle AG and Ruhrchemie AG 368kb
R. Durrfeld; J. Langhoff; R. Tolle; B. Cornils; J. Hibbel; P. Ruprecht
RUHR 100 - New Results on the Advanced Development of the Pressurized Lurgi-Gasification 331kb
J. Langhoff; W. Schafer; C. Lohmann; H. Peyrer
Retrofit of a Package Boiler to Utilize Producer Gas 133kb
H. L. Campbell
Kentucky Coal Tests in a Commercial Lurgi Gasifier 1280kb
J. E. Jones, Jr.; A. Roeger, III
Exxon Catalytic Coal Gasification Process and Large Pilot Plant Development Program 390kb
H. A. Marshall; F. C. R. M. Smits
Banquet Address - Energy - Everybody's Business 286kb
H. W. Coover
Session V - Methanol, Is It the Early Winner Among Liquid Fuels From Coal?
First Experiences and Results of the 200 t/d Pilot Plant Bottrup 423kb
J. Langhoff; E. Wolowski; H. F. Tamm; G. Escher; H. Hosang; B. Schmedeshagen
Coal Liquefaction Technology Development In NEDO 184kb
Y. Ogisu
Logic, Tehnology and Effect of Coal Liquefaction Conditions on Final Upgraded Product Slate 630kb
M. R. Smith; D. A. Hubbard; C. C. Yang
Belunga Methanol Project:  Commercialization of Fuel Methanol from Alaskan Coal Using Proven Technology 521kb
N. Kirschenbaum; F. Klett; C. A. Stokes; G. Winklepleck
Keystone:  A Viable Coal-to-Methanol Project  229kb
J. D. Voytko; D. P. Daugherty; F. Gigliotti
Session VI - Challenges That Remain
The Production and Market Outlook for Methanol in the 80's and 90's 322kb
C. A. Stokes
Business Criteria for Coal Gasification 244kb
J. M. Anderson
The Joint Westinghouse/SASOL Commercial - Scale Fluidized - Bed Coal Gasification Project 318kb
L. A. Salvador
Challenges That Remain:  Can Synfuel Technology Make it on the Outside? 163kb
M. Eigerman
Attendees 292kb