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Ceramic Membrane Enabling Technology For Improved IGCC Efficiency
Quarterly Technical Progress Report for January 1, 2001- March 31, 2001 - 2001

Prasad, Ravi
McMahon, Ted

Praxair, Inc.

In the pdf format this document has 6 pages and is 20kb.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary  3


Experimental Methods 3
  B.1. OTM Materials Development 3
B.2. Composite OTM Development 3
B.3. Manufacturing Development 3
B.4. Process Development 4
B.5.  O-1 Pilot Reactor Development 4


Results and Discussion 4
  C.1. OTM Materials Development 4
C.2. Composite OTM Development 4
C.3. Manufacturing Development 4
C.4. Process Development 4
C.5. O-1 Pilot Reactor Development 5


Conclusion 5


References 5


Appendix-Limited Rights Data A1