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Catalysts High Cetane Ethers as Diesel Fuels:
Annual Technical Progress Report for September 1998 - August 1999

Klier, K.
Herman, R. G.
Kwon, H. H.
Hunsicker, R. A.
Butler, A. P.
Bollinger, S. J.

Lehigh University

Table of Contents

Cover Page 63kb 1
Abstract 42kb 2
Table of Contents 31kb 3
Introduction 112kb 4
Experimental Procedures 329kb 5
  Catalyst Preparation 5
Catalyst Testing 6
Catalyst Characterization by Optical Spectroscopy 7
Catalyst Characterization by XPS 8
Catalytic Results for the WO3/ZrO2 Catalyst 484kb 10
  Dehydration of Mixed Alcohols 10
Dehydration of Individual Alcohols 16
Temperature Effect on Selectivity 16
Optical Properties of the Catalyst 380kb 23
  Spectral Data and Analysis 23
Conclusions from Optical Spectroscopy 28
XPS Studies of the Acidity of  WO3/ZrO2 and Nafion-H Catalysts 492kb 30
Modelling of Ether Synthesis over Nafion-H 206kb 41
Conclusions 49kb 45
References 74kb 46