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Conversion of Hydrocarbons for Fuel-Cell Applications Part I and Part II - 1981

Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, Maria
Voecks, Gerald E.


 Table of Contents 108kb

Part I 1377kb
Introduction 1
Experimental 6
  Apparatus 6
Materials 8
(a) Fuels 8
(b) Catalyst 8
Results and Discussion 11


Summary of Previous ATR Work With Pure Paraffinic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons 12
  Carbon Formation in ATR 12
Locations and Types of Carbon in ATR 21
(B) Addition Of Propylene To Benzene 27
(C) ATR Of Mixtures of Benzene and n-Tetradecane 37
    ATR of Thiophene-containing n-Tetradecane 50
ATR of Thiophene-containing Benzene 61
Conclusions 69
Part II 823kb
Introduction 75
Experimental 79
  Apparatus 79
Materials 81


Fuels 81


Catalysts 81
Procedures 85
Results and Discussion 86
  (A) Tests With The Metal Monolith I 86
(B) Tests With The G-90C Pellet Catalyst 94
(C) Tests With The Metal Monolith II 100
Summary 115
References 120