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Existing Technology Transfer Report Dissolver Cold-Flow Modeling - 1984

Mehta, M. V.
Schweighardt, F. K.

International Coal Refining Company

Table of Contents

1 Introduction and Background 172kb 1
2 Summary of Work Performed 120kb 9
3 Results of Work Performed 522kb 16
4 Subsequent Tasks and Studies 113kb 51
5 Index of Relevant Documents 32kb 58
  Nomenclature 10kb 60
Literature Cited 23kb 61
Appendix A - Dissolver Cold-Flow Modelling  
1 Report, Juan Lopez, "Technical Progress Memorandum #6, Coal Liquefaction/Coke-Flex: SRC Cold-Flow Model Studies," October 1978, Project 87-1-X705 1429kb
2 Interoffice Memorandum, R.F. Weimer to G.W. Roberts, "Mathematical Modelling of Solids Buildup in Tubular Dissolvers," 12 January 1979, Project 87-1-X921 327kb
3 Interoffice Memorandum, D.H.S. Ying to R.F. Weimer, "Enterance Effects on Gas Holdup," 25 January 1980, Project 87-0-8884 170kb
4 Interoffice Memorandum, E.N. Givens to Distribution, "Coal Liquefaction Group February Progress Report - (Foam Formation in Wilsonville Recycle Solvent by D.H.S Ying)," 25 March 1980, Project 87-1-X921 768kb