R.I. 5030

Gasification of Pulverized Coal With Steam and Oxygen at Atmospheric Pressure - 1954

Strimbeck, G. R.1/
J. B. Cordiner, Jr.2/
N. L. Baker2/
J. H. Holden2/
K. D. Plants2/
L. D. Schmidt3/

Table of Contents

Section 1
Summary and conclusions 1
Introduction 2
Acknowledgments 2
Design of gasifier and its effect on experimental program 2
Description of pilot plant 4
Reactant and product flows 4
Gasifier construction details 5
Slag-removal equipment 5
Primary reaction zone 5
Secondary reaction zone 6
Heat trap or cooling zone 6
Modifications in gasifier construction 6
Section 2
Reactant-injection-burner designs 7
Coal-feeding system 10
Section 3
Dust-removal and gas-cooling equipment 11
Test procedures used 12
Operability of plant 13
Methods of measuring reactant and product quantities 14
Stability of refractory linings photos 14
Section 4
Results 16
Principal results 16
Section 5
Coals charged 24
Types of residues recovered 26
Moisture tests and steam-decomposition results 26
Data on sulfur content of gas 28
Data on dust content of gas 29
Reactant-injection-burner-design data 30
Accuracy of results 32
Probable accuracy of measurements 32
Product-gas measurements 32
Residue measurements 32
Section 6
Comparison of product-gas data and residue data 33
Other measurements 33
Discussion of results 34
Effect of oxygen-carbon ratio 34
Effect of steam-carbon ratio 35
Process heat balance 35
Process cost evaluation 36
Development of experimental program 37

1/  Supervising engineer, Bureau of Mines, Morgantown, W. Va.

2/  Chemical engineer, Bureau of Mines, Morgantown, W. Va.

3/  Chief, Synthesis Gas Branch, Bureau of Mines, Morgantown, W. Va.