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A Selected Bibliography of Coal Gasification - 1952

Robert M. Busche1/
Howard R. Batchelder1/
Willard P. Armstrong2/

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Introduction and summary 1
Thermodynamics of gasification 1
Reaction kinetics:  General considerations 4
Mathematical analysis of gasification 5
Reaction of oxygen with carbon 7
Reaction of oxygen with carbon monoxide 13
Reaction of oxygen with hydrogen 14
Reaction of carbon with steam 15
Reaction of carbon with carbon dioxide 18
Water-gas shift reaction 19
Surface catalysts for the gasification reactions 20
Reactivity 21
Particle size, dynamics, and composition 22
Heat-transfer considerations 24
Gasifier design and operation 26

1/ Chemical engineer, Synthetic Fuels Demonstration Plant, Fuels Technology Div., Bureau of Mines, Louisiana, Mo.

2/  Associate professor of chemical engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.