R. I. 4733

Pilot Plant Gasification of Pulverized Coal with Oxygen and Highly Superheated Steam - 1950

G. R. Strimbeck1/
J. H. Holden1/
L. P. Rockenback2/
J. B. Cordiner, Jr.1/
L. D. Schmidt3/

Cover Page 351kb

Table of Contents 225kb

Section 1
Summary and conclusions 1
Introduction 1
Acknowledgments 2
Theoretical considerations affecting design of pilot plant, including a comparison of various coal-gasification systems 2
Mechanism of coal-particle gasification 4
Heat supply 5
Extent of reaction 6
Reactor design 7
Original design and flow sheets 7
Section 2
Discussion of subsidiary problems involved 8
Description of pilot plant 10
Royster pebble stoves and superheated-steam flow sheet 10
Section 3
Coal feeder and flow sheets 11
Generator construction 12
Dust train and flow sheet 12
Modifications of unit for runs 15-25 13
Modifications of unit for runs 26-31 13
Procedures used 13
Preliminary steam runs on Royster pebble stove 13
First gasifying runs 14
Superheated-steam runs (1-14) 14
Low-temperature steam runs (15-25)
Section 4
Tests made using steam at 1,600-2000 F. (runs 26-31) 17
Results 18
Calculated results of gasification runs 18
Section 5
Oxygen requirement 27
Slag distribution and generator brickwork condition 27
Section 6
Dust-removal and residue data 30
Data on sulfur content of gases 30
Accuracy of results 33
Discussion of results 35
Value of 2,900 F. steam for production of synthesis gas 37
Section 7
Plans for future pilot-plant operations 38
Description of new apparatus and reasons for design 38
Coal feeder 38
Royster pebble stove 38
Generator 39
Dust-removal train 39
Projected experimental work 41

1/  Chemical engineer, Bureau of Mines, Morgantown, W. Va.

2/  Gas engineer, Bureau of Mines, Morgantown, W. Va.

3/  Chief, Synthesis Gas Production Branch, Bureau of Mines, Morgantown, W. Va.