I.C. 7415

Gasification of Solid Fuels In Germany By The Lurgi, Winkler, and Leuna Slagging-type Gas-Producer Processes1 - 1947

William W. Odell2

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Section 1
Introduction 3
Acknowledgements 3
The Lurgi pressure-gasification process 5
Major reactions involved 5
Section 2
Effect of pressure upon the composition of the gas 7
The Lurgi gas generating plant and its operation 9
Operating results making gas in the Lurgi pressure generators at Böhlen, Germany 12
Section 3
Capacity of the Lurgi generator and standard water-gas sets compared 14
Braunkohle used in German 16
Other reported data on the Lurgi gas-making process 16
Gasification at moderate pressure below 10 atmospheres of a brown coal of low tar content 17
Gasification of carbon at different pressures at 1,340º F. (theoretical values) 18
Results obtained in a small generator with an internal sectional area of approximately 10.765 square feet and using various fuels 19
Results obtained under test conditions on the small generator with an internal diameter of approximately 4 feet and which are said to be "average results" 19
Heat balance of pressure-gas operation of a small test generator using screened, partly dried, brown coal containing 27 percent moisture 21
Operation with various coals at 20 atmospheres absolute pressure 21
Section 4
Factors relating to comparative costs 22
Relative costs of materials used in making water gas and pressure-process gas 23
Relative costs of materials used in making carbureted-water gas and Lurgi pressure process gas 24
Annual costs 26
The Winkler generator and gasification process 27
Kind of fuel adapted for use in a Winkler generator 28
Sizes and range in sizes of fuel used 28
Softening point of the fuel ash 28
Section 5
Reactivity 29
Tar content of the fuel 29
Some results of operation of the Winkler process 29
Miscellaneous notes on operation at Zeitz 31
Operations of Winkler process at Leuna, Germany 32
Notes on the use of air instead of oxygen in making gas in a Winkler generator 33
The Leuna slagging-type gas producer 34
Composition of producer gas from coke 35
Section 6
Remarks 37
The cost of oxygen 38
Summary and conclusions 39
Appendix 42
Data relating to the production of city gas and liquid fuel from oven gas and water gas in Fischer-Tropsch converters 42
Description of plant and proposed operating procedure 43

1 The Bureau of Mines will welcome reprinting of this paper, provided the following footnote acknowledgment is used:  "Reprinted from Bureau of Mines Information Circular 7415."

2 Former chief, Synthesis Gas Production Division, Office of Synthetic Liquid Fuels, Bureau of Mines, Washington, D. C.