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A Method To Produce Alumina-Based Extrudate And A Method To Produce A Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Hydrocarbons From Synthesis Gas

Patent Number: SU1836146

Inventor(s): Scheffer Bob (NL); Joustra Annie Hendrika (NL)

Applicant(s): Shell Int Research (NL)

Requested Patent: SU1836146

Application Number: SU19914895384 19910430

Priority Number(s): SU19914895384 19910430

IPC Classification: B01J23/00; B01J37/00; C04B35/44; C04B35/48

EC Classification: B01J37/00B, B01J23/74

Equivalents: AU649249, AU7605791, CA2041686, CN1030898B, CN1056069, DE69103319D, DE69103319T, ES2059035T, JP3248925B2, JP4227847, NO305157B, NO911719, NZ238026, ZA9103304

Application of 30.04.1991

Priority of ---

Published: 23.08.1993 in B.I No. 31


A process for the preparation of an alumina-based extrudate suitable for use in the manufacture of a catalyst, comprises the steps of: i) preparing an extrudable mixture comprising an alumina precursor, a cobalt, iron or nickel source and a solvent; ii) extruding the mixture; and iii) drying the so-formed extrudate. The extrudable mixture may optionally comprise a promoter source. Alternatively, a promoter source may be deposited on the resulting extrudate. A catalyst is prepared by calcination of the resulting extrudate, which catalyst is useful in the preparation of hydrocarbons from methanol or a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Character of invention: an alumina-based extrudate and a catalyst based on the oxides of cobalt, zirconium and aluminum taken in mass ratio (25-70):(12-32):100. The extrudate is produced by mixing a precursor of alumina support (boehmite, pseudoboehmite, gibbsite, or their mixture) with cobalt precursor (cobalt carbonate or nitrate or their mixture) and a solvent, followed by extruding of the obtained mixture and drying. A peptizing agent (acetic acid to the amount of 10-20 mol.% with respect to dry alumina) can be added to the mixture. It is reasonable to add a promoter IV group metal in a carbonate or hydroxide form. A catalyst can be produced from the said extrudate, which is dried and calcined.