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Process for the preparation of C5+ hydrocarbons.

Patent Number: SU1833355

Inventor(s): Van Erp Willibrord Adelbert (NL); Post Martin Franciscus Maria (NL)

Applicant(s): Shell Int Research (NL)

Requested Patent: SU1833355

Application Number: EP19900201167 19900508

Priority Number(s): GB19890011075 19890515

IPC Classification: B01J23/86; C07C1/04

EC Classification: C07C1/04D2B, C07C1/04F2

Equivalents: AU5496490, AU620246, BR9002209, CA2016619, CN1026409B, CN1047275, DE69011405D, DE69011405T, EG19591, ES2058753T, JP3021694, NO902103, NZ233652, OA9210, TR25279, US5037856, ZA9003610

Application of 11.05.1990

Priority of ---

Published: 07.08.1993 in B.I. No. 29


A method is suggested to produce C5+ hydrocarbons by catalytic reaction of carbon monoxide with hydrogen. The method comprises the following stages:

- selection of a catalyst containing 85-100 g cobalt per 1 ml catalyst and 8-13 wt. parts of zirconium per 100 wt. parts of a support selected among silica, alumina, aluminosilicate, or titanium dioxide, having an outer surface area S = 1640 cm2/ml;

- activation of the catalyst in a flow of hydrogen or hydrogen-containing gas at a temperature of 150-500C;

- contacting the activated catalyst fixed bed with a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen under the following conditions: F=H2:CO=1.1-1.8, S/F = 12.18-36.36, T = 180-250C, P = 15-20 bar.