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Catalyst For Hydrogenation Of Carbon Monoxide

Patent Number: SU1806845

Publication date: 1993-04-07

Inventor(s): G.D. Zakumbaeva, L.B. Shapovalova, E.S. Makhmotov and T.S. Dagirov

Applicant(s): Inst Orch Kataliza I Elektrokh (L.B. Sokolskii Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry)

Requested Patent: SU1806845

Application Number: SU19904852373 19900718

Priority Number(s): SU19904852373 19900718

IPC Classification: B01J23/89; C07C1/04

EC Classification:


Application of 18.07.1990

Priority of

Published: 07.04.1993 in B.I No. 13


A catalyst is proposed for carbon monoxide hydrogenation containing ruthenium, manganese, promoter and alumina-based support. To improve the catalyst activity and selectivity towards C4-C6 hydrocarbons, the catalyst contains chromuim as the promoter. The catalyst composition is as follows (wt.%):

Ruthenium 2.5-4.0
Chromium 0.25-0.75
Manganese 0.75-2.25
Alumina the rest

The process is carried out at 220C, pressure 5 atm, gas space velocity is equal to 100 h-1.

The use of the proposed catalyst results in a 1.5 times increase of carbon monoxide conversion (from 62.0% for the known process to 93.0%), selectivity to C4-C6 hydrocarbons increases by 3.6 times (from 18.0% for the known process to 66.0%).