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A Method For Methane Processing

Patent Number: SU1611849

Publication date: 1990-12-07

Inventor(s): A.Kh. Mamedov, A.L. Lapidus, V.S. Aliev, Sh.A. Nuriev, I.A. Guliev, M.M. Savelev, S.A. Dzhamalova, M.V. Tsapkina and S.N. Solodov

Applicant(s): Mamedaliev Institute of Petrochemical Processes

Requested Patent: SU1611849

Application Number: SU19884486197 19881003

Priority Number(s): SU19884486197 19881003

IPC Classification: C01B3/34

EC Classification:


Application of 03.10.1988

Priority of ---

Published: 07.12.1990 in B.I. No. 45


The invention relates to gas processing, in particular, to oxidative methane conversion to synthesis gas and subsequent conversion to olefins. The invention aim is to improve methane conversion and process selectivity towards low-molecular-weight hydrocarbons. The catalyst is prepared with the use of manganese silicate of composition (wt.%):

MnO2 26-28
CaO 6-9
Al2O3 8-9
SiO2 44-47
Fe2O3 2-3
MgO, MnO, P2O5, SO3, H2Obonded - the rest

The silicate is impregnated with a solution of KOH to provide a 1.8-2.4 wt.% content of K2O in final catalyst. The product obtained is dried at 110C and calcined at 1050C. This catalyst is used for methane conversion to synthesis gas at CH4:CO2=1:1 and temperature of 950-970С.

The catalyst for synthesis gas conversion to olefins is prepared by impregnating γ-Al2O3 with solutions of Fe(NO3)29H2O and KOH to provide a content of 8.1-9.2 wt.% Fe and 2.2-6.9 wt.% K in final catalyst. The catalyst is dried at 110C, calcined at 400C and reduced by synthesis gas at 415-425C. The selectivity of synthesis gas conversion to C2-C3 olefins equals 20-26%.