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A Method Of Catalytic Methanization Of Synthesis Gas

Patent Number: SU1597094

Inventor(s): Johann Pange, Berden Helain, Hans Hissen, Folker Fau, H.I.R. Schiban, Horst Hoffmann and Manfred Forwerk (DE)

Applicant(s): Kernforschungsanlage Juelich (DE); Rheinische Braunkohlenw AG (DE)

Requested Patent: SU1597094

Application Number: 19874202375 19870414

Priority Number(s): 19874202375 19870414

IPC Classification: C07C1/02

EC Classification: B01J8/02H, C07C1/04B4

Equivalents: AU591267, AU7158287, CN1011965B, CN87102871, DE3612734, DK148287, EP0241902

Application of 14.04.1987

Priority of ---

Published: 30.09.1990 in B.I. No. 36


This invention relates to petrochemistry, in particular, to catalytic methanization of synthesis gas containing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, and is aimed at the process simplification. The process is carried out by contacting the synthesis gas with a bed of solid catalyst. For this purpose, the synthesis gas flow is passed sequentially through the input zone, through the hot-spot zone and through the exit zone, in which the catalyst is cooled by a coolant. The cooling agent is vaporized owing to the heat of methanization released in the hot-spot and exit zones. The output gas mixture contains (vol.%):

H2O 58.66
CH4 39.13
H2 1.89

No carbon oxides are detected in the output gas mixture. The temperature of the output gas mixture is 315C at a pressure of 47 bar and flow rate of 1.67 kg/s.

A single stage methanization reactor and process are made to yield a product gas of high methane content as well as useful superheated steam without overheating the catalyst bed in which a synthesis gas containing, CO, CO2 and H2 is converted into product gas. A variety of dispositions of vaporizer and superheater portions of the cooling system in the catalyst bed, for which the temperature profiles of gas and coolant along the reactor length are shown and compared, illustrate the principles governing the cooling system for such a reactor. A small portion of the superheated steam is mixed with preheated synthesis gas for elimination of all or part of the carbon monoxide content before the synthesis gas is introduced into the methanization reactor.