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A Catalyst For Carbon Monoxide Hydrogenation To Methane

Patent Number: SU1416171

Publication date: 1988-08-15

Inventor(s): L.I. Gvasaliya, M.V. Chagunava and M.R. Rogolashvili

Applicant(s): Georgian Polytechnic Institute

Requested Patent: SU1416171

Application Number: SU19864130282 19860704

Priority Number(s): SU19864130282 19860704

IPC Classification: B01J23/74; C07C1/04

EC Classification:


Application of 04.07.1986

Priority of ---

Published: 15.08.1988 in B.I. No. 30


A catalyst is suggested for carbon monoxide removal from industrial gas streams by its hydrogenation to methane. The catalyst is based on bentonitic clay, contains 3.25-6.5 wt.% of nickel oxide and shows a higher activity than traditional catalyst does. CO conversion at 150C attains 99.93% (instead of 99.4%). The catalyst is active for more than 900 hr on stream (instead of 250 hr).