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A Catalyst For The Production Of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons And A Method For Its Synthesis

Patent Number: SU1237246

Publication date: 1986-06-15

Inventor(s): L.I. Kuznetsova, A.R. Suzdorf, B.N. Kuznetsov, I.A. Ryzhak, A.P. Voronkov and V.S. Zaitsev

Applicant(s): Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, The State Research and Development Institute of Methanol, Fuel Components and Products of Organic Synthesis

Requested Patent: SU1237246

Application Number: SU19843801185 19840813

Priority Number(s): SU19843801185 19840813

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Application of 13.08.1984

Priority of

Published: 15.06.1986 in B.I. No. 22


A catalyst is suggested for the synthesis of unsaturated hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen, containing oxides of iron and manganese. Sodium oxide is added in order to increase the catalyst activity. The component contents are as follows (expressed as mol.%):

Manganese oxide 6.0-29.6
Sodium oxide 1.7-3.1
Iron oxide the rest
Iron to manganese atomic ratio is (1.5 9):1

The catalyst is synthesized by precipitating of iron and magnesium hydroxides from nitrate solutions by an alkaline reagent, followed by the precipitate separation, washing, drying, calcination and reduction. The increase of the catalyst activity is achieved by using sodium carbonate as the alkaline reagent. The precipitation is carried out at pH=7.5-8.5.