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A Catalyst For Hydrogenation Of Carbon Monoxide To Methane

Patent Number: SU1225615

Publication date: 1986-04-23

Inventor(s): G.M. Sycheva, V.D. Mezhov, Yu.K. Baichtok, Kh.Kh. Khabibulin, I.I.Vakulenko, A.P. Selitskii and P.R. Oleshko

Applicant(s): Novocherkassk Plant of Synthetic Products (SU)

Requested Patent: SU1225615

Application Number: SU19843838251 19841031

Priority Number(s): SU19843838251 19841031

IPC Classification:

EC Classification:


Application of 31.10.1984

Priority of ---

Published: 23.04.1986 in B.I. No. 15


The catalyst contains cobalt and zinc oxide supported on g-alumina. In order to increase the catalyst activity, oxides of boron and tungsten are added. The component contents are as follows (wt.%):

Cobalt 24.0-29.9
Zinc oxide 0.24-0.6
Boron oxide 0.01-0.03
Tungsten oxide 0.70-2.24