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A Catalyst For Synthesis Gas Conversion To Hydrocarbons And A Method For Its Preparation

Patent Number: SU1217246

Inventor(s): Michael Baake, Klaus Deller, Peter Klainschmidt (DE) and Edgar Koberstein (AT)

Applicant(s): Degussa AG (DE)

Requested Patent: SU1217246

Application Number: SU19833618701 SU19830718

Priority Number(s): SU19833618701 SU19830718

IPC Classification:

EC Classification: B01J29/28, C07C1/04D2

Equivalents: DE3228270, US4935218

Application of 18.07.1983

Priority of ----

Published: 07.03.1986 in B.I. No. 9


A catalyst is suggested for synthesis gas conversion to hydrocarbons, based on a zeolite with incorporated zinc dioxide and a binding agent. In order to increase the catalyst selectivity to ethane, the used zeolite is either pentasil in a sodium or hydrogen form, or zeolite Y and mordenite in protonated form. The zeolite contains 0.74-10.7 wt.% zinc oxide. Silica is used as the binding agent, mass ratio being as follows (wt.%)

Zinc oxide 82-87
Silica 13-18

The catalyst having improved selectivity is produced owing to the formation of a specific zeolite structure in the presence of hydroxy-compound and under specified synthesis conditions. The zeolite is treated with an aqueous solution of a zinc salt, dried and moulded.

A catalyst for the production of hydrocarbon consists essentially of crystalline aluminum silicate, at least one compound of the metal zinc and/or cadmium and additionally silica. The catalyst is produced by heating a crystalline aluminum silicate, in a given case partially or completely converted to the hydrogen form, with a zinc and/or cadmium compound and molding with a silica containing binder.