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A Method To Prepare A Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Gasoline From Carbon Monoxide And Hydrogen

Patent Number: SU1213583

Publication date: 10.10.1999

Inventor(s): K.G. Ione, L.S. Egorova, I.A. Ryzhak, L.S. Parfenova and G.K. Boreskov

Applicant(s): Institute of Catalysis SB of the USSR Academy of Sciences

Requested Patent: SU1213583

Application Number: 19833668516 19831208

Priority Number(s): 19833668516 19831208

IPC Classification:

EC Classification:


Application of 12.08.1983

Priority of ---

Published: 10.10.1999


The catalyst is prepared by mixing a zinc-chromium-aluminum compound (a contact) produced by reacting a precipitant and nitrates of respective metals, followed by drying and high-temperature calcination, with a high silica zeolite prepared by hydrothermal crystallization of a silicon compound in the presence of aluminium-containing compound in a alkaline medium, followed by decationization and calcination. The contact to zeolite weight ratio ranges within (1-9):1.

To improve the catalyst activity and selectivity, the zinc-chromium-aluminium contact is prepared with the use of sodium carbonate as the precipitant. The calcination at 380-400C is carried out for 3-4 hr. To prepare the high silica zeolite, diatomite containing 3-8 wt.% of alumina and exposed to mechanochemical treatment is used as the aluminium-containing compound. In order to prepare catalyst having improved stability, iron sulphate or gallium sulphate is added to diatomite in the amount of 0.68-2.05 wt.% before the mechanochemical treatment.