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Process For Producing Ethylene And Propylene

Patent Number: SU1133252

Publication date: 1985-01-07

Inventor(s): A.L. Lapidus, M.M. Savel’ev and M.V. Tsapkina

Applicant(s): Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry

Requested Patent: SU1133252

Application Number: SU19833602900 19830606

Priority Number(s): SU19833602900 19830606

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Application of 1983

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Published: 07.01.1985 in B.I. No. 1


A method is suggested to produce ethylene and propylene by conversion of a mixture of CO and H2 at a temperature of 320-350°C and atmospheric pressure in the presence of a catalyst comprising iron carbonyl complex supported on alumina. In order to increase the conversion and selectivity, the catalyst is used containing iron dodecarbonyl as the iron carbonyl complex, and promoter cesium hydroxide. The catalyst composition is as follows (wt.%):

Iron docecarbonyl 1.6-6.1

Iron hydroxide 17.9-18.8

Alumina the rest

No hydrocarbons containing more than 3 carbon atoms are detected in the outlet products. The olefin fraction contains only C2-C3 olefins, which amounts up to 76 wt.%. The CO conversion equals 8.3-20.8% at atmospheric pressure that 2-4 times exceeds the CO conversion of the known process.