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A Method To Produce Methane

Patent Number: SU1028244


Applicant(s): Mahomed Naphyse Osiagsilar (Turkey)

Requested Patent: SU1028244

Application Number: SU1978257995 19780214

Priority Number(s): US19770772360 19770214; US19770797294 19770516

IPC Classification: C07C1/02

EC Classification: B01J23/745, C07C1/02, C07C1/04D2B2, C07C1/12, C07C29/157

Equivalents: AU3326578, AU527568, BR7800875, CA1080754, DE2806232, FR2380239, GB1582923, IL54012, IT1102391, JP1430410C, JP53103403, JP62038331B, MX149541, NL7801560, PL204612, SE438328, SE7801577

Application of 14.02.1978

Priority of 14.02.1977, 16.05.1977

Published: 07.07.1983 in B.I. No. 25


A method is suggested to produce methane by contacting hydrogen with at least one of carbon oxides, taken in the amount of 0.1 to 10 mol.%, at a temperature of 120-450C, pressure of 1-203 atm and space velocity of 500-100000 hr-1 in the presence of catalyst. In order to increase productivity, titanium-iron alloy with Ti to Fe molar ratio ranging from 0.5:1 to 3:1 is used as the catalyst. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or their mixture having molar ration CO:CO2 = 2.5:2.4 are used as the carbon oxide.