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A Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Methane From Carbon Monoxide And Hydrogen And A Method For Catalyst Preparation

Patent Number: SU895491

Publication date: 1982-01-07

Inventor(s): K.N. Semenenko, E.E. Fokina, V.N. Fokin, S.L. Troitskaya

and V.V. Burnasceva.

Applicant(s): Institute of New Chemical Problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences

Requested Patent: SU895491

Application Number: SU19802879879 19800204

Priority Number(s): SU19802879879 19800204

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Application of 04.02.1980

Priority of ---

Published: 07.01.1982 in B.I. No. 1


This invention relates to catalysts for the synthesis of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen, in particular, to catalysts for methane synthesis. The catalyst comprises cobalt and cerium-containing component. Cobalt of cubic modification is used in order to improve the catalyst activity and selectivity. The catalyst contains cerium dioxide and cerium hydride as the cerium-containing components, and carbon and has the following composition (wt.%):

Cobalt 31.4-88.8
Cerium Dioxide 10.5-68.4
Cerium hydride 0.1-0.2
Carbon the rest

To improve the activity and selectivity characteristics, the catalyst is pretreated in a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (CO:H2=1:(2-3)) at 250-300C and 1-60 atm for 5-7 hr.