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Method Of Producing C1-C3 Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU891600

Publication date: 1981-12-23

Inventor(s): V.V. Strelets, V.N. Tsarev and O.N. Efremov

Applicant(s): Department of the Lenin Order Institute of Chemical Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences

Requested Patent: SU891600

Application Number: SU19802915805 19800428

Priority Number(s): SU19802915805 19800428

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Application of 28.04.1980

Priority of -

Published: 23.12.1981 in B.I. No. 47


A method is suggested to produce C1-C3 hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The disadvantages of the existing process include relatively high reaction temperature and the need for expensive platinum group metal-based catalysts. This invention is aimed at the improvement of existing process, including the decrease of operation temperature and the application of less-expensive ordinary catalysts. Carbon monoxide is reduced by means of sodium amalgam dissolved in an organic solvent (dimethyl formamide or dimethyl acetamide) at 80C and 0.15-1 atmospheres. Cyclopentadienyl dichloride of vanadium or niobium is used as a catalyst. The reaction is carried out under intensive stirring of the reaction mixture. Phenols or diethyl barbituric acid are added to keep constant alkalinity of the solution. The reaction products contain methane (86 mol.%), ethane (9.5 mol.%), ethylene (1 mol.%), propane (2 mol.%), propylene (1.5 mol.%).