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A Method To Produce Methane

Patent Number: SU802250

Publication date: 1981-02-07

Inventor(s): V.V. Lunin, A.L. Lapidus, I.A. Bruk, E.Z. Gildenberg and P.A. Chernavskii

Applicant(s): M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences

Requested Patent: SU802250

Application Number: SU19792794651 19790817

Priority Number(s): SU19792794651 19790817

IPC Classification: C07C1/04; C07C9/04

EC Classification:


Application of 17.08.1979

Priority of ---

Published: 07.02.1981 in B.I. No. 5


A method is suggested to produce methane by the conversion of carbon monoxide at elevated temperature in the presence of heterogeneous catalyst. In order to increase the CO conversion and simplify the process technology, a hydride of zirconium-nickel or zirconium-cobalt alloy is used as the heterogeneous catalyst, containing (wt.%)

Zirconium 59-48
Nickel or cobalt 38-50
Hydrogen the rest

Otherwise, a hydride of hafnium-nickel or hafnium-cobalt alloy is used, containing (wt.%)

Hafnium 75-48
Nickel or cobalt 24-50
Hydrogen the rest

The process is carried out at 300-500C.