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A Method Of Catalyst Activation

Patent Number: SU774584

Inventor(s): P.G. Bondar and A.S. Zavadskaya

Applicant(s): P.G. Bondar and A.S. Zavadskaya

Requested Patent: SU774584

Application Number: SU19782558401 19780105

Priority Number(s): SU19782558401 19780105

IPC Classification: B01J21/04; B01J23/26; B01J23/34; B01J23/74; B01J23/06; B01J23/72

EC Classification: B01J37/16

Equivalents: DE2900384, FR2413935, GB2013516, JP54116396, NL183570B, NL183570C, NL7900098, US4234462

Application of 05.01.1978

Priority of ---

Published: 30.10.1980 in B.I. No. 40


A method is suggested for the activation of catalysts containing one or several metals selected among copper, chromium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, zinc, aliminium. To simplify the procedure, the following hydrocarbons are used as the reducing agent: saturated C8-C35, unsaturated C8-C19, alicyclic C8-C29, aromatic C8-C10 and phenacyl C11-C13 hydrocarbons. It is possible to use also hydrocarbon functional derivatives, such as monohydric alcohols C5-C30, polyhydric alcohols C2-C6, phenols, fatty and aromatic aldehydes C7-C18, ketones of fatty C7-C35 and alicyclic C8-C19 hydrocarbons, fatty acids C2-C31 and their ethers (esters), aromatic acids, carbohydrates, fats, animal oils, waxes, and polymeric compounds such as polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate, polyethylene, polybutadiene. The reducer is amounted to 4-15% of the weight of the catalyst to be reduced. The reduction is carried out at a temperature of 200C to 800C.