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A Method To Produce Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU691438

Publication date: 1979-10-15

Inventor(s): A.V. Kravtsov, S.N. Dneprovski, Yu.G. Kryazhev and S.I. Smol’yaninov

Applicant(s): Tomsk Polytechnic Institute and Labour Institute of Petroleum Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences

Requested Patent: SU691438

Application Number: SU19782573103 19780125

Priority Number(s): SU19782573103 19780125

IPC Classification: C07C1/04

EC Classification:


Application of 25.01.1978

Priority of ---

Published: 15.10.1979 in B.I. No. 38


A method is suggested to produce aliphatic hydrocarbons by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen under heating in the presence of iron-based catalyst. The synthesis is carried out in a flow reactor at elevated pressure and a temperature of 210°C. The catalyst is regenerated by hydrogen at a temperature of 500-525°C and a space velocity of 3200 hr-1. Then the catalyst is treated by dried carbon monoxide at a temperature of about 210°C. The synthesis is carried out at a pressure of 10 atmospheres, a space velocity of 80-120 hr-1 and at a temperature of 240-260°C. In order to increase the yield of the target product, 1.1-1.4 vol.% of acetylene is added into the feed. Owing to acetylene additives, the primary product contains 80-85% of olefins, the total yield of hydrocarbons being 160-180 g/nm3. The olefins produced comprise 70% of α-olefins and 30% of other olefins.