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A Method to Produce Liquid Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU667124

Inventor(s): Clarence D. Chang and William H. Lang (USA)

Applicant(s): Mobil Oil Corp

Requested Patent: SU667124

Application Number: SU19762364004 19760602

Priority Number(s): US19750582942 19750602

IPC Classification: C07C1/04

EC Classification: B01J29/28, C07C1/04D2

Equivalents: AU1449076, AU507214, CA1061806, CS194240, DE2624556, FR2313333, GB1489357, JP1197984C, JP51147505, JP58030915B, NL7605883, NO761862, ZA7603206

Application of 02.06.1976

Priority of 02.06.1975

Published: 05.06.1979 in B.I. No. 21


A method is suggested to produce liquid hydrocarbons by catalytic conversion of synthesis gas at a temperature of 204-588C and a pressure of 1-1000 atmospheres. A mixture of hafnium oxide or zirconium oxide with crystalline alumino-silicate zeolite having a silica to alumina ratio of 12-3000 is suggested as a catalyst. The catalyst activity is characterized by the ratio of the first order reaction rate constants at the cracking of n-hexane and 3-methylpentane, ranging within 1-12 at 288-510C and at a 0.1-80 wt.% hafnium oxide content or 0.1-80 wt.% zirconium oxide content. The feed synthesis gas may contain sulfur hydroxide.