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A Method To Prepare Catalyst For The Reduction Of Carbon Monoxide By Hydrogen

Patent Number: SU635856

Inventor(s): Wilhelm Fogt, Hermann Glaser and Jurgen Koch (Germany)

Applicant(s): Hoechst AG

Requested Patent: SU635856

Application Number: SU19762409352 19761013

Priority Number(s): DE19752546587 19751017

IPC Classification: B01J23/74

EC Classification: B01J23/745, C07C1/04D4

Equivalents: BE847334, CA1073436, CS216834, DE2546587, FR2327818, GB1515604, IT1069269, JP52050988, NL7611356, PL206807, ZA7606159

Application of 13.10.1976

Priority of 17.10.1975

Published: 30.11.1978 in B.I. No. 44


A method is suggested to prepare catalyst for the reduction of carbon monoxide by hydrogen to produce a mixture containing mainly C1-C4 hydrocarbons, consisting in the treatment of an iron and/or copper compound with hydrogen or a mixture of hydrogen with carbon monoxide. With the purpose to improve the catalyst selectivity, a complex salt of general formula


where M is iron or copper, x = 1-4, y = 1-3 is used as the iron and/or copper compound,

The treatment is carried out at a temperature of 315-385C, pressure of 5-10 atm during 2-20 hr, hydrogen to carbon monoxide molar ratio is varied from 3:1 to 1:2.