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A Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Hydrocarbons From Carbon Monoxide And Hydrogen

Patent Number: SU599832

Publication date: 1978-03-30

Inventor(s): A.L. Lapidus, Kh.M. Minachev, Ya.I. Isakov, V.D. Mezhov, S.V. Matsota, L.V. Kandyba, A.P. Selitskii, I.S. Sukhoterin, K.N. Sokolov, V.I. Mashinskii, I.V. Guseva, A.S. Geimal, I.I.

Applicant(s): Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Novocherkassk Plant of Synthetic Products

Requested Patent: SU599832

Application Number: SU19762328270 19760301

Priority Number(s): SU19762328270 19760301

IPC Classification: B01J21/10; B01J23/76; B01J29/04; C07C1/04

EC Classification:


Application of 01.03.76

Priority of ---

Published: 30.03.78 in B.I. No. 12


A catalyst is suggested for the synthesis of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen, showing a high selectivity towards high-melting ceresines. The yield of liquid hydrocarbons attains 167.8 g/nm3. Synthetic amorphous aluminosilicate or a mixture of aluminosilicate and 7-20 % zeolite is used as the support. The catalyst composition is as follows (wt.%):

Cobalt 28.0 - 31.4
Magnesium oxide 1.1 - 3.0
Support the rest

A 3.1-4.1 wt.% zirconium dioxide additive helps to improve the catalyst stability. The ceresines content in the reaction product equals 46%, the content of isomers 15-18%. The description of the catalyst preparation procedure is presented.