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A Method To Produce Methane

Patent Number: SU403656

Publication date: 1973-10-26

Inventor(s): V.V. Budnikov and A.I. Krylova

Applicant(s): V.V. Budnikov and A.I. Krylova

Requested Patent: SU403656

Application Number: SU19711694909 19710809

Priority Number(s): SU19711694909 19710809

IPC Classification: C07C9/04; C07C1/04

EC Classification:


Application of 09.08.1971

Priority of ---

Published: 26.10.1973 in B.I. No. 43


A method is suggested to produce methane by hydrogenating carbon oxides by hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst. In order to simplify the process, pumice concrete is used as the catalyst.