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A Method To Regenerate Catalyst For The Synthesis Of Hydrocarbons From Carbon Monoxide And Hydrogen

Patent Number: SU307801

Inventor(s): A.N. Levkovich, T.F. Bulanova, M.M. Levkovich, A.L. Lapidus and Ya.T. Eidus

Applicant(s): N.D. Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry, Novocherkask Plant of Synthetic Products

Requested Patent: SU307801

Application Number: SU19691386740 19691219

Priority Number(s): SU19691386740 19691219

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Application of 19.12.1969

Priority of ---

Published: 01.07.1971 in B.I. No. 21


A method is suggested for the regeneration of catalyst for the synthesis of hydrocarbons from carbon monoxide and hydrogen, consisting of cobalt, zirconium oxide and magnesium oxide supported on kieselguhr. In order to provide the most efficient recovery of valuable components and their recycling in the synthesis of fresh catalyst, the spent catalyst is dissolved in a 98% sulfuric acid and kieselguhr is separated. Then cobalt sulphate and magnesium sulphate are separated from zirconium, iron and aluminum by means of double precipitation of the metals in carbonate form, adjusting pH to 4.2 and 5.6. Then zirconium is separated from iron and aluminum by sequential treatment of the mixture with diluted sulfuric acid, potassium sulphate, sodium carbonate, followed by zirconium precipitating with concentrated sulfuric acid in a form of Zr(OH)2CO3. The latter, as well as cobalt sulphate and magnesium sulphate, is transformed to nitrate form, and is used for the synthesis of fresh catalyst by the known procedure.