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A Method To Produce Higher Aliphatic Alcohols

Patent Number: SU243606

Inventor(s): A.N. Bashkirov, L.A. Morozov, Yu.B. Kagan and S.M. Loktev

Applicant(s): M.V. Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Engineering

Requested Patent: SU243606

Application Number: SU19671175340 19670724

Priority Number(s): SU19671175340 19670724

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Application of 24.07.1967

Priority of---

Published: 14.05.1969 in B.I. No. 17


A method is suggested to produce higher aliphatic alcohols from carbon monoxide and hydrogen at a pressure of 200-300 atm and a temperature of 160-190oC in the presence of sintered iron catalysts. To simplify the process technology and prolong the catalyst service life, the catalyst is immersed into a bed of circulating liquid phase consisting of high boiling hydrocarbons and alcohols.