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A Method To Separate Mixtures Containing C9-C22 Alcohols And Hydrocarbons

Patent Number: SU242865

Inventor(s): L.B. Itsikson, I.B. Rappoport, M.S. Borukhova, A.V. Mukhina, K.D. D’yakonova and T.A. Gracheva

Applicant(s): All-Union Research and Development Institute of Petroleum Refining Industry

Requested Patent: SU242865

Application Number: SU19661102112 19660914

Priority Number(s):

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Application of 14.09.1966

Priority of ---

Published: 05.05.1969 in B.I No. 16


In order to increase the separation efficiency and to decrease emulsification, it is suggested to carry out separation by means of counter flow extraction with two solvents. The first solvent - C1-C3 alcohol containing 30 wt.% of water – selectively extracts alcohols. The second solvent – paraffin fraction having a boiling point of 60-200°C – selectively extracts hydrocarbons. The method consists in the following. An alcohol-hydrocarbon mixture boiling at 210-245°C is treated at 30°C by two immiscible solvents – C1-C3 alcohols containing up to 30% of water and paraffin hydrocarbons boiling at 60-200°C. The mixture to be separated boils away at a temperature of 210-450°C.