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A Method To Prepare A Catalyst For Hydrocarbon Synthesis

Patent Number: SU228006

Inventor(s): Ya.T. Eidus, T.F. Bulanova, A.L. Lapidus, M.M. Levkovitch, L.M. Kandyba, A.S. Geimal, O.K. Ezhechenko, A.N. Levkovitch, S.M. Matsota, L.A. Logvinenko, A.P. Alekseenko and M.I. Kozma

Applicant(s): Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Novocherkask Plant of Synthetic Products

Requested Patent: SU228006

Application Number: SU19661064324 19660324

Priority Number(s): SU19661064324 19660324

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Application of 24.03.66

Priority of ---

Published: 08.10.68 in B.I. No. 31


A method is suggested to prepare a catalyst for the synthesis of hydrocarbons from CO and H2 under a pressure of about 10 atmospheres by means of precipitating from the solutions of cobalt, zirconium, and magnesium nitrates by aqueous sodium carbonate, using kieselguhr as a support. The catalyst obtained is reduced by hydrogen at a temperature of about 400C. In order to increase the liquid hydrocarbon yield, the initial solutions are heated up to 97-102C and the precipitation is carried out until pH of about 8.1 has been attained. After that kieselguhr is added into the catalyst suspension.