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A Method To Clean Up Circulation Synthesis Gas

Patent Number: SU205004

Inventor(s): D.P. Krinkin, D.M. Rudkovskii, V.Yu. Gankin and N.Ya. Gordina

Applicant(s): All-Union Research and Development Institute of Petrochemical Processes

Requested Patent: SU205004

Application Number: SU19640922630 19640926

Priority Number(s): SU19640922630 19640926

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Application of 26.09.1964

Priority of ---

Published: 13.11.1967 in B.I. No. 23


A method is suggested to remove cobalt carbonyls from circulation synthesis gas in Oxo process. For this purpose, circulation synthesis gas is passed through pumice-stone. As a result, the gaseous cobalt hydrocarbonyl contained in synthesis gas transforms into dicobaltoctacarbonyl by reaction

Dicobaltoctacarbonyl is a solid substance at normal temperature. During reaction it adsorbs on pumice. Refined (cobalt-free) circulation gas is returned to the reactor. Since pumice is used in Oxo process as a support for cobalt catalyst, there is no need to regenerate the "spent" pumice, and it can be used for the catalyst preparation.