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A Method To Produce Aldehydes

Patent Number: SU191520

Inventor(s): V.Yu. Gankin, D.P. Krinkin and D.M. Rudkovskii

Applicant(s): All-Union Research and Development Institute of Petrochemical Processes

Requested Patent: SU191520

Application Number: SU19650949539 19650331

Priority Number(s): SU19650949539 19650331

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Application 31.03.1965

Priority ---

Published: 26.01.1967 in B.I. No. 4


A method is suggested to produce aldehydes by Oxo synthesis from olefins and synthesis gas in the presence of cobalt carbonyl catalyst at elevated pressure and temperature. In order to intensify the process, it is carried out at a temperature exceeding that of cobalt carbonyl decomposition at the given pressure. To accelerate the process and decrease pressure, the process is carried out a pressure of 50 atmospheres and a temperature of 170C.